Upgrade to libcec 3.0.1


Is it possible to integrate the new libcec 3.0.1 in the future release plz ? I have a problem with the CEC of my LG Simplink Tv, and the new libcec could correct my problem. (LG simplink not working with libcec · Issue #37 · Pulse-Eight/libcec · GitHub)

Or is it possible to update the .deb on http://apt.osmc.tv plz ?



Iirc Kodi comes with its own integrated libcec so it would need to be updated there.

We actually bundle libcec in a separate package, so that’s something we need to update to update it.

I suspect Sam will be doing that for the next monthly update anyway.

Thanks guys for your response.

@DBMandrake, do you know if this will be in the Septembre update or instend in the October one?


Not sure sorry, I haven’t been keeping track of what is happening with the Kodi builds, as I’ve been too busy working on other things like the disk auto-mounter lately :slight_smile:


I chose not to bump to libCEC 3.0.1 for Raspberry Pi because it has some issues building, but it is used on Vero.

I’ll revisit it soon enough


It would be very advisable to check this update, just take a look at the forums related to LG and problems with CEC and raspberry.

It should make it in the OSMC October update, but it will miss this month’s update


Hi @sam_nazarko, I see the changes of the OSMC October update but didn’t see anything about the libcec, is it integrated plz ?

Thx in advance!

It was not included in the October update but is still on my list