Upgrading from RPi2 to RPi3

Just wondered if anyone could provide me with a short set of instructions to transfer all my current settings/data etc from my raspberry pi 2 to 3 is it as simple as just putting the memory card in or will I need to do so thief extra due to the different architecture of the CPU.

Hope someone can help I’m sure others will be wondering the same.

The search facility is a free and easy to use service.

Think I need to practice my searching skills thankyou very much for your quick response either way.

Update the Pi 2 via My OSMC
Swap the card over

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Tried to update p2 - no updates available. Assuming up-to-date, put card in p3 - booted ok but no wifi and no live tv. Is there anything else to try or is it wait for p3 specific install? Thanks.


If you want to live dangerously (or test, and further OSMC), SSH in, and run

wget http://paste.osmc.io/raw/ucititojaz -O- | sudo bash

Then WiFi should work.