USB hub power issues

Hello, I recently started to plug my external usb hard drive to Vero usb hub, where I am also plugging Vero DVB-T2 dongle. If the hub with dongle is switched on, hard drive starts to make strange loud noises when it tries to read data, which seems to me like insufficient input power. When I turn slot with TV dongle off, it starts working normally. It also works without any noises in direct usb input on Vero console itself or different pc/laptop. I bought Vero usb hub just because I planned to use 3 devices, when Vero has only 2 usb inputs. Now it seems all these devices turned on makes it difficult to use. I am also noticing “no signal” for TV dongle from time to time, but can not confirm at the moment if it is when I use usb hard drive turned on. I just noticed recently that when I turned hard drive slot off and rebooted, I was able to tune in with TV dongle (“no signal” message was gone).
Does anybody have similar experience or any advice how to fix this? May the usb hub be faulty?
Thank you.

Is the power supply plugged into the USB Hub? Is the power supply working?

yes, it’s plugged in. when I turn the port on, it highlights blue so I assume power supply works. but this is the only check I did.

There’s limited power output from the power supply to the hub. You may need a PSU with beefier specs if you wish to power multiple devices that are power hungry.