USB Install of Osmc for Apple TV not working

Hello everyone, I was just wondering if any of you can help me out, Ive done all the steps to make the patch stick, install everything, everything runs smoothly until I turn off the Apple TV for the day, next time I want to go and use it the osmc patch stick won’t run, I have to format and redo the paths tick all over again but it keeps happening everytime I do it.
Does anyone know about a solution for this? I will appreciate the help

I’m using a 8gb Kinsgston usb drive

You probably selected a hard disk installation. Hard disk installations are only now working properly. You can read more at OSMC on Apple TV. Better than ever. - OSMC.

I used the USB installation, do you think the brand and capacity of the usb drive matter, If so witch ones do you recommend to make it more stable?

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Yes, some sticks don’t work correctly.

Minimum recommended size is 8GB. More details are in the FAQ linked below:

As for which stick to use, search the forums. Some people have posted what worked for them.
We discussed having a list, but based on past experience, it’s a bit problematic, because it’s a constantly shifting target.