Using Game Emulators on Leia 18.9 on Vero 2

I was trying to see if I could give one of me Vero 2 systems a new purpose. Use it as a Emulation machine. I did a fresh install of OSMC Kodi 18.9 compiled 2020-11-27. However, where I was able to get the SNES emulator working on my Kodi install on my Android TV (unforuntately with some audio lags), I have not been able to get this to work on my Vero 2.
Preferrably I’d like to use ROM collection browser, but even though I managed to install this addon from the repo, the config doesn’t show me the “use retroplayer” option which I assumed should have been in 18.9. I need to manually selecti the emulator path, but it doesn’t allow me to actually navigate to the path where the EMU for SNES was installed (yes I did enable it ;-)).
When using the file browser I can get to my USB where the ROMS are located and on my VERO 2 I can only see the ROMS in my SNES folder, not any of the other files in other folders for NES etc, so it seems that it only shows roms for EMUs that are activated. In Android, clicking the rom will ask me to open it and choose the emulator to open it with but on the Vero 2 nothing happens at all.
Is there a walkthrough I can follow, or is the Vero 2 not the best option for an Emulation machine. If not through OSMC are there any other distro’s that can be installed on the VERO 2 that will allow me to do some tests with emulation?

An old post but mostly valid on 18.9, I highly recommend you read it.

and feel free to recommend updates to it still waiting for people to report working emulators

Thanks, I did come across this topic while searching for the best option. Unfortunately the list of emu’s for the vero 2 is not very promising :wink:. And most people responding are working with an RPI2. Not a vero 2. Not sure whether there are a lot of differences. I thought that with Leia things would be a little bit more “plug and play”. I used to mess a bit with xbmc back on the original xbox, but I am not a linux pro :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, so do not want to mess up the device… So if there’s people who actually made it work on a vero 2, I would appreciate the feedback as well.

Well the reason for Vero2 testing, being limited, is that they guy that did it for this thread had limited time to test rom that he had available at the time of posting.

The other fact is more users own a pi then the Vero2, more users filter out old threads as not being accurate and general internet forum etiquette often frown upon necro posting.

Ps. there are,in my opinion, better options when it comes to retro gaming then using a mediacenter, if you got hardware that is supported (RetrOSMC and @hissingshark RetrOSMCmk2)

Feel free to come with updates if you test stuff out on the Vero 2 just ping me in the thread and ill add to the list

Thanks.I will be happy to look at other distro’s and found some information on the one you reference. But I am not certain it will work on. Vero 2. If I canot get it to work properly, I guess I just need to repolish my old xbox and ise that for my retro gaming :wink: