Using Media Portal TV Add-On Crashes Kodi

Vero 2
Media Portal TV add-on

It worked fine for years until an update.

After the recent update, when trying to view recorded TV or trying to view live TV, Kodi crashes to a black screen with some writing in the upper left (it’s gone to fast to read), then the “sad face” screen appears and the Vero reboots.

I don’t see much in the logs (but I may be looking in the wrong place: .kodi\temp). This is the only thing I think is relevant in the log but it doesn’t provide much info:
“ERROR: PVR - ConnectionStateChange - invalid handler data”

Anyone have any ideas or places to look for possible solutions?

What update? OSMC update? Media Portal addon update? Complete logs would be nice to see.

The update that pops up on the screen asking if you want to update. Not sure if it’s Kodi or OSMC that is driving that update. Definitely not a MediaPortal update.

How do I upload the log file? The system won’t let me do anything but images it seems.

You can learn more about how to submit a useful support request here.

Log files can be found here:

  • The issue you are currently experiencing with OSMC
    Kodi crashes and reboots when trying to use MediaPortal add-on.
  • What you were doing when this issue occurred
    Trying to view either live TV or PVR shows with MediaPortal add-on.
  • Whether you can replicate this issue on demand. If you can, then please provide some steps on how an OSMC developer can reproduce the same issue.
    Yes, can be replicated on-demand.
  • The device you are currently running OSMC on
    Vero 2
  • What peripherals are attached to the device?
    Bluetooth mini keyboard
  • Has this issue been introduced by a new version of OSMC? When did the issue first appear and can you recall a time when it was not present?
    I believe so. Seems to have appeared with the first update in February.

Log doesn’t show a crash but try disabling the Library Watchdog add-on.

I disabled the Library Watchdog add-on and Kodi still crashes.

Even though the event log doesn’t explicitly state a crash occurred, I believe the crash happens after this event:
17:09:07.845 T:3769365248 ERROR: PVR - ConnectionStateChange - invalid handler data.

I’ll try to recreate the crash again and upload new logs.

New log, same crash:

Anyone have any ideas on how I could troubleshoot further? I’d really like to be able to watch TV and PVRed programs again.

Should I ask this question on a Kodi forum instead?

Have you tested by disabling time shift?

I haven’t, but I get it also crashes when trying to view already recorded PVR videos. I’ll upload a log showing a crash in this instance as well.

This add-on worked for years without issue and now after a recent update it crashes when viewing any video through the add-on.

You need to check with the developer in the Kodi add-on thread for it.