Viewing a TV Channel crashes Kodi

Hi, I am using Mediaportal server which works fine viewing live tv channels on my Shield. However, with the same config on my V4K+ the whole application crashes and restarts a few seconds later.
This happens with every channel, every time.

The Mediaportal server is running on a Windows Server on the same network, connected by an ethernet cable.

I see another thread with similar symptoms:

but no resolution (and from that post it appears that no crash is recorded in the log files).

Anyone any ideas?


Can you confirm if you also experience the issue with recordings?


Hi Sam, I tried recording a channel for a few minutes, then stopped it. When I try playing it, essentially nothing happens. The screen refreshes but there is no crash but no playback either.

Can you upload a log, and perhaps a small recording to reproduce this?


Thanks Sam, I gave up with this. I have since bought a HDHomerun and switched to TVHeadend. And now all works well!