Using the Vero as a transport for a USB DAC

I am thinking of running a Vero as an alternative to an ultra-expensive Melco for stereo hifi. I hooked a Vero up to a USB DAC today and got some promising results. However, I’m not convinced I’m getting the purest of unprocessed PCM, since, for example, it’s possible for me to change the volume via Kodi, even though in theory I have a passthrough connection to the DAC.

Would it be possible to configure the audio in a way that absolutely no processing is done, apart from rendering the incoming file to PCM ?

Curious to know if anyone has used the Vero with a fairly high-end DAC and compared performance vs a Melco ?

Also, does the Vero support asynchronous USB in order to be slaved to the DAC’s clock?

Yes – I think this usually shows as an iec958 output.
Can you show us a screenshot of your audio settings?

This has worked for many years under Linux


Thanks for looking at this. Screenshots as requested.

If you set Kodi volume to maximum, it should come through untainted. We did some tests on PCM files:

Hi Sam, would you mind being a little less cryptic?

WTF is iec958? Can you PLEASE let us know HOW to configure Vero the way ac16161 asks? Thanks

I had forgotten about this thread. For an audio purist, options could include installing Volumio on a Pi, or RoPieee on a Pi to turn it into a Roon bridge, if you have a Roon Core on your network. I was sceptical about Roon but have been converted.

Connect the DAC and select it in Kodi.
Choose SPDIF or IEC958 instead of analogue if possible.

Thanks Sam. But my DAC is USB fed only and I want to connect it analogically to Amplifier (RCA) . And only for music. For movies I want to use HDMI connection to digital receiver… Do I need to switch “allow passthrough” back and forth and change AMLDM8I / DAC everytime?

…and , I forgot. One issue: Vero hangs each time I browse for subtitles. I either have to have it in same folder OR use download subs… If I browse it freezes…

Then select an audio device that says something like USB-Audio, Analog.

If you are playing stereo through your DAC, passthrough will not be used. But you will have to swicth from USB Audio to the default output, obviously.

Please start a new thread.

Yes. Select DAC, Analog is clear. “passthrough not needed” is not (to me). Do I not need to allow passthrough in order to have my DAC decode instead of having Vero doing it?

No - you can disable it

…confused…sorry, but how will Vero know I want my external DAC to decode audio streams then? What is “allow pass…” for then?

Hi AC, I am trying to use Vero4k+ as transport to a cheap (but satisfactory) Topping D10 USB DAC. The DAC goes analog/stereo into a Technics SE-A900. I see I can select D10 Analog as Output device in Kodi, but I do not understand why I do not need to allow passthrough as Sam tells me. Iif don’t tick Alllow passthrough I cannot select a passthroud device!

If you want the device to do the decoding then you do enable PT

Passthrough means an encoded audio stream, such as DTS or Dolby Digital is passed to an external decoder (normally an AVR).

It seems your DAC takes uncompressed PCM or DSD. Kodi/Vero does not support DSD passthrough but I think Kodi can convert DSD to PCM if DSD is what you’ve got. Your DAC will be converting PCM to analogue.