VERO 2 audio S/PDIF 3,5 mm

Is this compatible with analogic RCA audio output ?

Yes – but the capabilities are limited. You don’t really want to use this output if you can avoid it.


Sure, but I have a 2nd TV with DVI video IN (HDMI-DVI is perfect) but without Digital Audio IN. So actually I can’t use the VERO 1 for example but I’m thinking to use the VERO2 instead… even if I can’t use advanced sound features.

So will an optical digital cable with appropriate adapter work with the Vero 2 to get a digital audio output, to feed a surround sound decoder for example? If so, which of the 3.5mm sockets on teh Vero 2 is the right one to use - there is no labelling. Thanks.

The Android software can output stereo (PCM 2.0) or digital via SPDIF. We haven’t got this working with Kodi yet, but a couple of days ago I added some preliminary analogue support.

The socket nearest the rear USB port is the audio output, the other jack is a service port.

Thanks Sam. So in theory, would I be able to run the android version of Kodi on the android platform and output digital audio through the spdif output?

Yes – but the performance overhead on Android is greater.


Understood. Just trying to work out where best to use the Vero 2 vs raspberry Pi with HiFiBerry Digi+.

There are new Raspberry Pi audio improvements in the latest update. You may not need a DAC at all…

But I need a digital audio output (other than HDMI) to run through a Dolby Digital or DTS decoder. The only other option is to buy an HDMI splitter box that also splits out the digital audio through hardware.

You can pass DTS and AC3 via the SPDIF on Vero 2. At the moment, Android only, but soon should work with OSMC.



How soon is “soon” you think?
I suggested to a friend that he bought a Vero 2 to replace a Boxee Box, but he has an old receiver without hdmi so he has to use SPDIF for DTS/Dolby Digital. I just presumed it was working out of the box like the Vero 1 did. He will recieve his unit tomorrow, so I hope to be able to tell him some info about this before he thinks something is wrong and blaming me. :slightly_smiling:


I am not 100% sure yet. Yesterday I made some changes to get Analog working, and I’m working on verifying this is working properly. In theory, enabling passthrough with this update will work, as the SoC sends audio to HDMI and SPDIF at the same time by default.

It’s being worked on but don’t have a full ETA yet. I’ll keep you posted.


Sorry for the stupid question, but is this an electrical or an optical output? My A/V receiver has an optical TOSLINK input and I am aware of adapter cables from TOSLINK to 3,5mm jacks. If Vero 2 outputs only electrical I am wondering about the wiring as the optical/electrical converters usually only have a Cinch-type connector, not a 3,5mm audio jack.

Not stupid at all.

The port can be driven in multiple ways. It can be drive component video with two channels of audio, but it can also be used as an SPDIF output on Android, and hopefully, soon via OSMC as well. For now, you can use a 3.5mm cable for analogue audio out (PCM 2.0), but we are also improving this.


Hi all!

First of all, I’d like to say that I’m amazed by the improvement from my old Pi 1 to Vero 2, I love it!

I have a Vero 2 with OSMC and an A/V receiver without HDMI, and I’m facing the SPDIF limitation also… Just to double check, from what I’ve read in this thread:.

  • SPDIF optical output is not yet available in OSMC but will hopefully be available soon ;).
  • Analog stereo output should be available from the same “hole” (the one closer to the USB in the back), but I’m not getting any sound out of it.

I’ve checked the System>Audio output settings in expert mode, and I don’t see anything relevant… Only that the “Audio output device” is grayed out, I cannot change it from “AML-M8AUDIO, S/PDIF”. I can hear the sound through HDMI in the TV, but not through my A/V system.


Analog audio out is coming but is not enabled in Kodi just yet.

This was being worked on before the update that was released today but we ran into some complications that will take a little bit of time to work through so it was decided that it was best to release today’s update with all the other fixes we have been working on minus analog audio then continue working on analog audio, rather than doing a big update at the end of the month and delaying other fixes.

So there will be another update, possibly two for the Vero 2 later this month as various reported problems are resolved, and analog audio is right near the top of the priority list.

Thank you very much for the fast reply!
I’ll wait for the update and report back if it’s solved for me.


Any news about the SPDIF digital out for Dolby Digital and DTS passthrough in OSMC? How far away is it?