Vero 2 is now shipping!

We launched Vero 2 at the end of 2015. Vero 2 is our new flagship device and continues to be the best way to experience OSMC.

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Looking smart and appreciate youve been working hard to get the best product outcome. Look forward to receiving my shipping confirmation email :slight_smile:

Sam, when I put tracking number to a box on this page, it says wrong number. When I go directly to Royal Mail and put it there, it works.
Not a biggie, just FYI.

Did you enter your tracking number without spaces? Sometimes Aftership takes a little longer to update

Yes, I tried both with and without spaces. It is international, maybe your box assumes within UK or such ?

It works OK here on my sample shipment. Sometimes it is a bit slower. But as you discovered the RM one works fine

Hi there, great to know it’s shipping now. I ordered my Vero 2 last Jan 5, order nr 444 but still have not received my shipping mail. Do you know when will my Vero 2 arrive? Thanks!

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my Box (Order 552) arrived at the Gernan Parcel Service this morning. So I think it will be at home tomorrow or Friday.

Unfortunately I´ve to wait a week longer to test it, because I´m at my holiday home in Poland at the moment. :unamused:

Fortunately I´ve a Gigabyte Brix Bace-3150 with Ubuntu 14.04. LTS and Kodi 15.2 here in my holiday home :relaxed:


We should be caught up on Vero 2 orders by 19th February.


Hi Sam thank you very much. I finally received an email that my Vero 2 just got shipped! Can’t wait to it to arrive! :wink:

Do orders follow any kind of order for shipment? I have order 426 and haven’t received any email so far.


Any shipping updates? I ordered Jan 6th, nr. 445 and still haven’t got an email saying it shipped.


We have almost shipped every order now and we are continuing to ship as quickly as possible


since I still haven’t received a notification I assume you are still shipping vero’s at the moment… or do we get yet another delay post?

Almost all of the Veros have now shipped (just 100 left). There haven’t been any delays or issues with the supply chain.

The remainder will ship by Monday. There is one delivery going out tomorrow as well, but no shipments on Sunday.

Edit: just checked your order. Waiting on more BT dongles which will arrive on Monday.

alright… let’s hope the bt dongle- shipment isn’t also delayed :smiley:

We can send it tomorrow without a dongle if you prefer


monday is fine, thx.

Is order #340 not shipped yet? :frowning:

Hi Sam, I just picked up my Vero at the post office. It actually arrived already Friday but I wasn’t home to pick up the delivery (it was shipped on 17 Feb late afternoon). By the way I live in the Netherlands! Thank you for the really fast delivery :wink: