Vero 2 Leia alpha testing build?

Is there a way to build the alpha testing version for the Vero 2 ?

Hi @Spinner

Good to hear from you.

There is actually no official alpha of Kodi v18 yet.
When the Kodi development cycle progresses further we will indeed produce some test builds.

For now – we are only producing community based test builds (@gmc) for Vero 4K and Pi.


Hey bud, good to “see” you.

The community builds are what I was wondering about.
I recently signed up for amazon prime and since winter is coming, I was curious if i could get a Leia build running with a reasonable amount of effort once things slowed down for me.

I can’t remember the last time I sat down in front of our TV. Been too busy to do much, other than work and sleep.

Inputstream is moving quite fast and in a state of flux, but Prime should work. At least at the time of writing.

We are hoping to publish some info on this soon enough. Once the releases from Kodi progress a bit more, I’ll publish some further details and test builds. For now we are contending with the Stretch update.

Hope things get a little bit less taxing soon on your side.


I’ll take a stab at trying to get a nightly out for the Vero2. Hopefully it shouldn’t require too many changes.

Have also started keeping a wiki on the build steps Also helps me to remember the steps I need to do after a purge toolchain :slight_smile:

Compiling OSMC nightlies (Leia) on Raspberry Pi Vero 4k · StormTrooper/osmc Wiki · GitHub

@gmc That would be awesome. No worries otherwise.

@sam_nazarko Yeah. I hope so too. Light may be visible at the end of the tunnel. I may even get a chance to go camping once before the snow shows up. :slight_smile:


It looks like @gmc has now made these test builds available.


Nightlies are available. Give it a bash and let me know if you have any problems. I haven’t been able to test but it should work :slight_smile:

Fantastic ! I hope to get some time to do a full backup, and test it soon. Looks like Monday at this point.

For those who are interested, @gmc 's community builds thread, for Vero 2 and 4K is here: