Vero 4 + "RAW" iPhone8 H265 4k issues + other quirk


i have noticed a flip flop effect of diagonal bands that lighten and darken midtones and flip in a 1 Sec intervall. I have exported the videos in “non compatible export option” from the iPhone 8. Its 4K 30 FPS. The Bands seem to start at the uppler left corner and go diagonal to lower right corner. Has anyone seen this effect?

  • also i have noticed a quirk i did not get from running osmc on rbpie3. Some time into any movie i watch, i will get a info screen from my TV that tells me in wich mode it is running ( 1080p 24hz etc) this is usually something i get when the framerate adapts to the source material, but not repedately during the movies… im thankful for any help


You can turn off Adjust Refresh Rate; or adjust it to Start / Stop instead of Always.

Is there a way I can reproduce this using the stock Camera on iPhone XS?

A sample of a video displaying the issue would be helpful.

Set the Adjust Refresh Rate option to Start/Stop. If this doesn’t help it may be a bad cable. But I suspect it may actually be oddly encoded videos, so posting a log would be helpful.

In Settings > Photos > Transfer to Mac or PC you have the option “Automatic” or “Keep Originals”. As i understood, the Keep Originals will not alter the file format when transferring it via Windows Explorer on a PC, this is the option that i have choosen.

here is a sample video showing this diagonal banding:

Hey Sam,

i set the Adjust Refresh Rate to Start/Stop and also changed the HDMI Cable to the one supplied in the Vero+ box.

Yesterday i was watching a few movies and noticed the info screen 1080/24p 2 times while watching. I was wondering if i can just rewind 1 Minute and wait for it to appear again at the same timecode into the movie. Strangely this was not the case, no info screen appeared. I recreated this at another movie and the same thing happened, no info screen at the second run… it appears to be total random!

Unfortunately i did not activate debug mode, but i will today.

Is this still an issue with the latest update?

Hi Sam,

i have not found time to watch a lot in the last weeks, so im not sure its gone, in the 4 movies i watched lately it was not visible.

The pulsating banding in raw h265 iphone movies is still there…