Vero 4k+ a fake?

I made an order on July 17th.
So far I have neither received my delivery nor my inquiries will be answered by e-mail.
I therefore assume that orders are accepted here, although there is neither the vero 4k box, nor a binding date is fixed when the box will be available.
for me that means cheating.

Well I suggest you read a bit on the history of OSMC (on pubic forums and on this forum).
Surely none of the devices sold so far (Vero 1, 2, 4k) were ever a fake. Neither the 4k+ is a fake.
But surely OSMC is a small team and the interest in the 4k+ must have been overwhelming.
That combined with a possible delay at the customs clearance or other transport delays could have put extra pressure.
Just picture in your mind @sam_nazarko sitting in his garage checking, packing and posting thousands of Vero4k boxes.



Sorry for the slow response. It’s busy around here, as we have sold more devices since announcing the new device on Wednesday than in the past three years.

Shipping (packaging) begins on Sunday with the first orders out on Monday morning.

If you confirm your order number I am happy to cancel your order if you do not wish to wait. I cannot yet give you a confirmed dispatch date. We will start shipments from the bottom of the list. We don’t think the backlog will take a long time to clear.

Please let me know your ticket # if you haven’t received a response to any emails.



Hi Sam
Thank you for your response.
I was a little worried because my emails were not answered.
I am now waiting for the delivery.
The new box seems to be great.
Best regards

More devices sold since the announcement than in the past three years is fantastic. I will likely purchase a 4K+ once the issue I’m having with the 4K and CinemaVision is resolved.

My order has still not been sent :unamused:

I know that post, but what does it mean?
That my Order will bei sent in Month?

It means it will be shipped in the order it was received.

We can refund the order if you would like. We are still waiting for the batch to clear customs


News about shipment?

It’s all in the thread linked above. Let’s keep it there.