Vero 4k + - All my Atmos Demos are broken after the October update

Hi Guys!

I have some hd sound demos in my media library on my Synology NAS - played these demos several times in the past but after the october update all Atmos demos are broken (DTS:X, HDR, THX demos played well) with stutters, no sound or connection lost errors… made a short clip of this…

And here are the logs:

Tested also two Atmos movies (Alita - Battle Angel and Bumblebee) for some minutes and both played fine without any problems so i have no idea what´s happens with the october update…

Something seems off with that file. If you disable passthrough temporarily, does it resolve the issue?

Hi @sam_nazarko

This problem occurs on all of my atmos demo files, not only on one - all other files with dts:x or thx demos are ok so this isn’t a file related problem! And all atmos demos plays fine bevore installing the october update- very strange…
disable passthrough didn‘t resolve it!


Ok, I’ll check this out. There may be a regression in Kodi v18.4 which is causing this.


Was able to reproduce this, however only for Atmos-enabled M2TS files, the same MKV remuxed files plays fine on Vero.

On a side note, I’ve noticed that your Vero 4K video output settings may need to be tweaked, the original Dolby Helicopter Takeoff demo is in 1080p60 format and your TV is receiving it at 2160p30.

The Vero is set correctly and is outputting as it should…

2019-11-10 18:59:39.263 T:4071542784 NOTICE: Whitelist search for: width: 1920, height: 1080, fps: 59.940, 3D: false
2019-11-10 18:59:39.264 T:4071542784 DEBUG: Whitelist is empty using default one
2019-11-10 18:59:39.264 T:4071542784 DEBUG: Trying to find exact refresh rate
2019-11-10 18:59:39.264 T:4071542784 DEBUG: Matched exact whitelisted Resolution 1920x1080 @ 59.94 - Full Screen (32)
2019-11-10 18:59:39.264 T:4071542784 NOTICE: Display resolution ADJUST : 1920x1080 @ 59.94 - Full Screen (32) (weight: -0.000)
2019-11-10 18:59:39.301 T:4071542784 NOTICE: VideoPlayer: OnLostDisplay received

I believe the AVR it is plugged into is resampling the video.

Hi all,

I am new to this forum.
I can confirm this is happening to me as well.
Most TrueHD Atmos demos are skipping.

What is the container format of the ones skipping vs the ones not skipping?

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watched 4K MKV Atmos, no problem during playback,
started 4K M2TS Atmos (robin hood), had hick up while starting, which doesn’t happen normally (but stays constatly afterwards).

Yesterday late didn’t had the change to test 1080P MKV or M2TS.

Edit this evening testing:

Tested helicopter file ,
hadn’t this one before but sound is on and off per speaker with this m2ts file.


skipped in time and atmos is on and off

With mkv dolby atmos trailers no issue.

Think Atmos M2TS is generally broken with the new firm, all my Atmos mkv are running also.

So MKV is not affected?

No, have tested two of my Atmos MKV Movies (Alita and Bumblebee) for several minutes without any problems!

Done a bit more testing on this, it appears to affect videos within M2TS containers, in my case, I only have Atmos and DTS:X-enabled files, which both are affected.

MKV remuxed versions of the same files plays fine.

Not effected mkv or mp4. Just m2ts.

The issue does indeed seem to be caused by ffmpeg update in Kodi v18.4. We are investigating.


Strange thing is though that I’ve not had any Atmos issue here with this file:

Only delayed framerate switching and some buffering issue at the beginning of playback (about 5 seconds into the clip). After that everything’s fine: video and Atmos audio.

The helicopter file, @mtv, has never worked IIRC. Something’s off about that file :man_shrugging:t2:

Helicopter was new for me, i’ll skip it, as it does act strange :upside_down_face:

Will test escape again.

@sam_nazarko thanks for confirming the issue in kodi 18.4

It skipped from start after 4 seconds to 27 and then to 47 seconds, then played normal indeed

Does it mean the m2ts issue as sam mentioned within ffmpeg is different?

Here it skipped only a few seconds on first playback and to about 30 seconds into the video on second attempt. It seems to be very weird and a behaviour I couldn’t reproduce with any other M2TS container file. Other Atmos M2TS files are playing absolutely fine except the first framerate switching issue… No skipping, no buffering, nothing.

I’ve only a couple of m2ts files and experienced the same issue af the beginning of the files. So i downloaded the other 2, but i guess the wrong ones to justify the issue :nerd_face:

But with robin hood it’s indeed only at beginning in my case, which doesn’t happened before.