Vero 4k+ and harmony one IR remote

Hi I tried searching for this but I could not fine a solutiom
I have a harmony one remte that I want to use with the vera 4K

Is it possible to use this remote? The Vero came with an IR eye in the box so there should be some IR controll

Yes — it’s possible. You can configure a profile under My OSMC -> Remotes


I use a Harmony remote. Connect to the Harmony PC app and you’ll find the database has the vero4k or OSMC in there. Cant remember exact option.

Hui Thanks a lot both:)
When I tried to look for compatibility on the HArmony website for the HArmony one and Vero it told that the vero has no IR
Do you use it with an IR remote?
So what type of device amd what manufacturer should I choose?

The Vero4k+ has both if you plug the USB ir receiver in. Ones internal and one on the external USB.
You don’t need to bother selecting remote types on the player iirc.
Some on here use bluetooth rather than ir.

The USB receiver is RF, it is not IR.
The IR receiver is built in to the device – but there is also an extender.

I am using harmony elite with Vero 4k+. I have tested both IR and bluetooth function of harmony with Vero. The IR option is so sluggish you would want to throw the device out of the window. If your remote has bluetooth, use these steps - [Guide to using Harmony Elite Remote/hub via Bluetooth (Vero 4k+)]. If it only has IR, keep using the supplied RF remote with Vero.

I have a Flirc remote dongle which works quite well with my Harmony One. Not too much lag, it’s quite snappy and was easy to set up.

Hi Mij harmony one is only IR and not bluetooth
All my other devices work on IR at this moment:S

Hi Eternal, OK so I have the IR extender
Ah now I found it in de harmony app.:slight_smile: Manufacturen OSMC and Vero device.
To bad there are only a few key’s defined.
I hoped there would be menu and Language buttons also that I could assign:S

I think that even with the ‘mini S8’ using PIVOS as device I had more keys available.
That had a menu and all the number buttons and many more other keys buttons that I could use’.
I think I had to replase some config file on the S8 to ‘remap’ keys?

If you connect the Harmony to your PC again you can program the remote to add the menu and other buttons that are on the supplied remote by following the app installations and firing the supplied remote at the Harmony.
I have an ultimate but like you I was surprised at the lack of buttons in the osmc>vero4k option.
The supplied remote has few buttons and most on the forum have individual tailored setups requiring flexibility.
There are things like kodi keymapping and remote config files for the more advanced I’m more of a keep it simple type.

For Harmony Elite, I have set up the Vero 4K+ as WindowsPC device in Harmony (bluetooth keyboard), with keymapping you can set up everything exactly like you would like. Even Ctrl+Shift+O I have assigned to a key on remote. This approach will take a bit more time to set up, but you can get it exactly how you would like it - and bluetooth is very responsive compared to IR.

The original remote is not IR :S and ity had only a few buttons like you wrote. So that would not work:(
I do not have an IR keyboard that I could learn from either all are wirden of BT

Hi but could I use the elite to controll also my IR devices? My ziggo box only seems to understand IR

You could forget the osmc vero profile in the harmony app and use as suggested above the windows PC device in n the app instead. Then select that remote profile in the osmc remote options. That may be easier and give better options, was thinking about this myself but as alls ok with my hub and it setup I havent bothered.

IR devices work fine with Harmony Elite. Not sure how it is in your country - but Logitech pushes the Elite out in the marked for 1/3 of the original price a few times every year here in Norway. Pay attention (I have one backup ready)

in kodi I only can add game controllers :S I tried loading the MCE keyboard in my harmony settings after changing the remote in MYOSCM I got something working.
I never could find thsi before,;S
Small step every time;)

it is about 200 euro here in NL

@ [sam_nazarko]
Hi Sam I finally found My OSM.
Which remote shouldd I select to get all keyboard codes?

The OSMC one will give you same sane defaults; otherwise you could try the Xbox 360 one.