Vero 4K+ and Sonos Playbase

Hi everyone,
i´m looking for a device capable to play HEVC x265 HDR files, and searching i have found the Vero 4K+
Actually i have a mediacenter connected to TV via HDMI and the TV connected to my Sonos Playbase with an optical cable. As Playbase is only compatible with Dolby AC3 5.1 i have setup Plex to bitstream AC3 signal through the HDMI, also the same has been done with my XBOX One X while playing UHD discs, with this configuration i´m able to play DTS HD MA and Dolby Atmos True HD tracks in the Playbase with 5.1ch instead PCM stereo.
It´s possible to do this with Vero4K+?

Thanks. Regards

Shouldn’t be an issue.

Thanks a lot, i´ll give it a try

I believe you sent us an email about this. The Vero 4K + should meet your requirements just fine.

Let us know if you have any further questions



Thanks for the confirmation Sam
Just placed my order, 20509.
A few questions, it’s there any maximum TB size for an external 2.5" USB disc? It’s compatible with Ntfs?
Best way to connect with a W10 server is SMB?
Any number limit for tracks within an mkv?

Can be used as music player? What format support?

Thanks. Regards

There are no limits beyond what your filesystem supports.

These limits are very high.

The device can indeed be used to play music. This should become evident when you receive the device.

Re MKV: never checked: but how many tracks are we talking? If the file is in spec things should be fine


Thanks again Sam,
5-6 tracks max
It´s possible to add an IPTV list to the device to play online channels?


Yes – you can enable the IPTV add-on and enter an M3U8 playlist.

Thanks Sam,
just upload m3u file or it admits url? The url autoupdate if some change is made in channels, but not the m3u

You can check with your provider, but it should work without issue.