Vero 4k and xbox one remote


Please advise on the full command entered and the full output of the command would be helpful to.

Thanks Tom

osmc@osmc:/etc/lirc$ irrecord --driver=irman --device=/dev/ttyS0 MyRemote
Driver `irman’ not supported.
Supported drivers:

Not sure where you read that but that isn’t correct. You should try irrecord instead, after stopping Kodi, eventlircd and lircd_helper service.


Apologies I think that was from the link I provided from the kodi wiki, just as an overview.

anyway sorry

regards Tom.

I’m confused
Don’t know what driver it is
is there a procedure available?

Not an expert here but what I read from Sam’s post

I would translate as

sudo systemctl stop Kodi
sudo systemctl stop eventlircd
sudo systemctl stop lircd_helper

Thats why i am asking:… :smirk:

there is no service named Kodi or kodi
there is no service named lircd_helper

and which parameter must i use with irrecord…

Sorry my mistake
sudo systemctl stop Kodi should be sudo systemctl stop mediacenter
Not sure about lircd_helper check name with systemctl | grep lirc

I assume without parameter, only if that doesn’t give you any think can try irrecord -f -d /dev/lirc0

It work’s very fine :smile: (very easy… )

I repeat the steps to the success (maybe someone had the same problem)

su …

cd /etc/lirc
systemctl stop mediacenter
systemctl stop eventlircd
systemctl stop system-lircd_helper.slice

irrecord -f -d /dev/lirc0 configname.conf

Follow the instructions :blush:

rm lircd.conf

ln -s /etc/lirc/configname.conf lircd.conf

shutdown -r now :grin:


I’m sorry Sam - but after the update yesterday i must again double klick on the remote :weary:
Nothing has changed with the lircd.conf

You may need to to the ln -s command again. The update may have broken the symlink.

No… the symlink is ok and working…
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 24 Jun 24 19:32 lircd.conf -> /etc/lirc/xbox1gomi.conf
-rw-r–r-- 1 root root 14843 Jun 24 19:29 xbox1gomi.conf

Someone else reported this, so will investigate.

Any news to our problem? :worried:


I’m back from my holiday in a couple of days. I’ve been keeping a close eye on the forum but I don’t have a lot of equipment to test with out here.

We have a solution – but it breaks things for other users. As you’ll remember in May, I posted and tried to get as much feedback as possible regarding the remote. But we can’t break things for hundreds of users to fix it for two. A fix will come but it will take time to develop it properly. For now, you may want to use an older version from

I’ll let you know when we have something ready for testing



oh holiday :slight_smile: sorry :slight_smile:
i don’t like a new installation :cry:

It’s okay, you won’t need to reinstall OSMC when the issue is resolved.

I’ve already sent you a PM with a proposed fix. Hopefully this resolves the issue for you


Recovery Install all Updates… (two times)
New irrecording (two times)
and the volume up/down channel up/down dont work :unamused:

Is there the possibility of a stable solution?
Slowly it is annoying

I believe the remote is stable now, in that others seem to be using it and the forum has quietened down.

It’s hard to speculate why those buttons aren’t working: are they detected in irrecord? Does it show them as being pressed in Kodi logs?