Vero 4k + as a media server


Hi. I’m currently waiting for my vero 4k +, and i have a few questions.
I want to use the vero as media server, connected on the vero i’ll have a hard drive (ntfs) witch contains all my media. I want to install plex, to serve my raspberry pi, and other devices, sonarr, radarr, and deluge. I will have it connected to a tv to watch the files directly from the hard drive (and i know that will work).

Recently i found a script to install such things on the raspberry pi 3, wondering if it will work on the vero. Does anyone uses a similar setup? will it work?
The sript:

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I recommend avoiding NTFS if possible; it has slower write performance under Linux compared to other file systems.

The script will probably work if it works on Debian



As @sam_nazarko said, should work if it works on Debian. That said, I’d recommend Emby over Plex. It tends to handle streaming from both RPi and Vero a bit better than Plex.


Any reason you ask the same question twice?


thank you for your support. But I’ll be sharing the files with a windows machine, so I’ll need the ntfs, plus I have the hard drive almost full, if there’s a way to format it without loosing the files, I’ll gladly try :slight_smile:


you’re right. But I was hoping of getting some insight from people who have similar setups


I need to see in real time what my users are seeing. I know plex has that right out of the box. From my research there isn’t a feature for that in emby.


If you are sharing the files via the network, then the filesystem does not matter.



Thank you @sam_nazarko. But there is no way to format the drive without loosing the files. i’m planing on getting another hard drive, so i’ll move the files over, and format both drives.