Vero 4k+ BluRay ISO Problems

I have problems playing BluRay UHD ISO files and my new Vero 4K +.

  1. When I try to start the file through the library - it does not work
  2. If I go over the media player and select the largest stream then comes right at the beginning of a small circle of up to 100 counts the movie continues and then I miss the sound or he jerky from the beginning.

This is my “advancedsettings.xml” …:

<type> mysql </type>
<host> IP-Adress </host>
<port> Port Number </port>
<user> name </user>
<pass> pass </pass>
<buffermode> 1 </buffermode>
<memorysize> 524288000 </memorysize>
<readfactor> 20 </readfactor>

Now my question…

  1. Is there a way to optimize the setting so the 4K files run smoothly?

  2. Is there a possibility that the movie starts automatically when I select him from the library? I mean there is a setting that automatically plays the movie if the menu can not be played, but I do not find this settings.

Many thanks for your help

There shouldn’t be any need for buffer settings in advancedsettings.xml as they are already optimized for Vero4K.
How are you accessing your files (network share protocol)?
Are you using Ethernet or Wireless?

I am using 1000MBit internal Ethernet port of the Vero 4K+, i am using the NFS protocol and the files are on my Synology DS918+.

Have you checked with iperf3 that you get a 1G out of the connection?
If yo have a 1G throughput that all of that including buffering is not your problem but most likely an issue with Blueray ISO support

In my Fritz Box in the network register i can see that there is a 1G connection.
How can i use the iperf3?

Install with sudo apt-get install iperf3 and then install on another device depending on platform (either your NAS or your PC).
But if Fritzbox shows 1G is already a good starting point than it might be just and ISO support issue.

Wasn’t there a problem with osmc opening Full Blu-ray ? I remember reading something about it a week ago or so. With Sam saying he will update something in the next update ( I’m sorry if I’m mixing something up )

Can you play a Remux and see if the problem goes away ?

Ah just noticed fzinken mentioning problems with BD iso support

How can i come into the command line to enter the sudo apt-get install iperf3?

I have just considered that I have from my Vero 4K + to Fritz Box a 1G connection. From the Fritz box to the NAS, I have a powerline connection via the power grid.
In the Fritz box I get there indicated 198 / 313 Mbit/s.
Could there be a problem here too.

Details regarding how to access the command line interface can be found here on our Wiki:

Surely, powerline is know for not being really stable and you might have significant packet loss

I will try to open a BD ISO from USB Stick and then i will see. Is it right that BD ISO Support will come with KODI 18.x?

That’s supposedly true that V18 will support Bluray ISO. But you know that you will save lots of space if you use MakeMKV to rip the main movie, and remove un-needed languages and subs and all the extras. Best is that MakeMKV is free and since you’ve already ripped the ISOs it’s fast as it’s just a remux.

So the result…:

USB hard drive connected directly to the Vero 4K +.

  1. BD ISO with the file manager open - small micro-stutters
  2. BluRay structure open ISO with the file manager open - small micro-stutters
  3. UHD MKV file opened in the file manager - no problems

Do I need specific hardware requirements for MakeMKV?

You will have to pay for MakeMKV. If you have Full BDs with protection already removed I recommend eac3to to extract the audio video and sub tracks from the Blu-ray and MKVtoolnix to mux the streams into a .mkv

But if you don’t mind paying MakeMKV is easier to use

Not seeing anyway to pay on their page?

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While MakeMKV is still in beta, there’s a free key provided every month… So, it’s free for the time being.

Its free when you first get it but you have to pay for it after a while if you want to keep using it

But where can i find the Key?

I found another Problem.
I have also some Series mkv Files (720 or 1080p)
When i press play from the KODI library the file starts. When i will fast forward (press Up in the Remote control for 10 Minute jumps) and press play again i have Micro-stutters. With the KODI App on my VU+ SAT Reciever i had never ever such problems during fast forward.

At the moment i am very sad with my Vero 4K+ after only 2 days.

We’d like to improve this for you.

Can you see if you can reproduce this issue with the file on local storage; or does it only occur over the network?


I will try tomorrow. But with my Vu+ Duo 2 SAT Receiver and installed KODI 16.x App (only 100MBit Ethernet Adapter and NFS Network connection) i had never ever such problems with the same Network.
Infos about Network…:

  • from vero (before Vero there was the Duo2) to Fritz Box (1G connection)
  • from Fritz Box to NAS (150-300 MBit connection Powerline)

Can you tell me where I can get a free key ? I would love one <3