Vero 4K constantly buffering

Hi !

There appears to be an issue with a single movie in my entire UHD Bluray collection : Gemini Man (2019)

While attempting to watch it, my Vero 4K constantly pauses (every ~ 1min or so) to buffer and resume the playback.

The movie itself is the largest I’ve had so far (storage space wise) at ~ 89GB, but still … shouldn’t the Vero 4K be able to handle it ? :thinking:

Any help on how to resolve this problem would be appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a clip of it that plays fine. The vero playing it is networked to another vero with Gb ethernet and the clip is on a ext4 HDD on USB on that other vero, shared with nfs.

My only other datapoint is it doesn’t play nicely from a NTFS formatted SSD attached directly to the first vero with USB.

Is it a a Vero4K or 4K+? And are you using Ethernet or Wireless for Network.
89GB with a 2 hours duration is roughly 98 Mbit/s which surely would lead to buffering on the Vero4k which only has 100Mbit Ethernet.

Thanks for your answer

In my case :

  • the movie file is a remux of the raw UHD bluray ( no-rencoding )

  • My media libraries are stored on my NAS, accessed from the Vero4K trough NFS shares

  • My LAN backbone is gigabit ethernet – as my NAS – but the Vero4K’s uplink is fast ethernet

It is a Vero4K, connected via a wired ethernet connection to my LAN

So you are a saying that the issue I’m facing is a hardware limitation of the Vero4K ? :thinking:

NB : if the read rate is 98Mbit, it’s still < to the 100mbit max speed, isn’t it ?

If that’s the average read rate, 100Mbit won’t cut it. Have a look for a USB->1Gb adapter or upgrade to a Vero4k+!

Read this.

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Consider the overhead you would be more likely in the range of 90Mbit max

There is a chance - definitely not a good chance, but a chance - that 5GHz WiFi might perform better. Using OS-level mounts - autofs or fstab - might squeeze a little more performance out too.

I don’t have 5Ghz Wifi to test that.

My shares are already mounted via autofs, so I guess that’s the max I can get :roll_eyes:

As I understand, my only option would then be to buy a USB Hub + gigabit ethernet adapter …

To be honest I don’t think there are so many Movies out there that scratch on the 90 Mbit mark.
So at one point you might just want to upgrade to a Vero with Gigabit.

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