Vero 4k contantly crashing after July'18 update

After I upgraded my Vero 4K to the latest July update., it started to crash. First time it happened scrolling down the video add-ons menu, then in the movies menu. It rebooted by it self 4-5 times even before starting the skin. Last time it started crashing in a loop as soon as I powered my externel HD connected via the osmc USB hub.
Logs are available here:

If you remove the hub is the device stable?

You have installed network manager:

ii  network-manager                      1.6.2-3                        armhf        network management framework (daemon and userspace tools)
ii  network-manager-openvpn              1.2.8-2                        armhf        network management framework (OpenVPN plugin core)
ii  network-manager-openvpn-gnome        1.2.8-2                        armhf        network management framework (OpenVPN plugin GNOME GUI)

Network manager conflicts with connman and should not be installed on OSMC. It’s possible that the crashes are down to a serious incompatibility with the new version of connman .

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Thanks for you answer. I just stopped network-manager service and now OSMC is stable. Turned off and on a couple of times and after 1 hour of use it is still runnig. Before it rebooted in less then 2 minutes.

The hub seems a different issue (power supply I think). I didn’t remenber I was supplying Vero directly from the USB hub. It seems this is not enough when one driver is turned on. I have to doublecheck this, supplying the Vero 4k from the DC connector…as soon as I remeber where I put it.
For the moment you can consider the issue fixed, thanks again!

This evening it started again even if less frequently then yesterday.
I removed completely network-manager, so there should be something else.
This is the log

When you installed network-manager-openvpn-gnome, it actually pulled in 70 additional packages (and would install 89 additional packages if you were to install it today, which I, of course, don’t recommend).

When you removed network-manager, only 17 packages were removed, so there should be quite a few other candidates for autoremoval. Whether these additional packages are still causing you problems is difficult to say but their (unnecessary) presence is clearly not desirable. Unfortunately, it looks like sudo apt-get autoremove might not be able to remove the extra packages (though I’d advise you to try it anyway).

While there are ways of fine-tuning the APT system to try to get around the autoremove issue – assuming that it exists in your case – I think the easiest and safest approach is to reinstall OSMC.

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