Vero 4K+ crashed

73C is an acceptable temperature.


Once again, the Vero 4K crashed. Just because I ran a scan to update library.

Could somebody really help me ?

NB : I already sent some logs… do you really want one once again ?

Thank you.

As you’ve reinstalled since then it could help.
That way we can also see if you are on the 4.9 kernel still.

Here you are :

Vero crashed yesterday (20 December) at about 6pm.

Thank you.

Did you check to see if the issue occurs on a fresh installation?
You’ve installed the 4.9 repository, which is still WIP


Did I miss something ?

Thank you.

I would suggest testing on a stock installation first.
You say the device crashed when scanning the library. Did it repeatedly crash, or just crash once?

If it only crashed once, I wouldn’t be particularly concerned. It could be a corrupted file that caused this.


As already said, I don’t want a perfectly working Vero I can’t use to do what I need it to do. If I can’t read 3D MVC file, I don’t need a Vero 4K +. I already forgot the skin I used from several years, forgot the screensaver… finally, if I have a very nice Vero 4K+ I don’t like to use, what for ?

“It could be a corrupted file that caused this” : it looks very strange for me that a corrupted file crashed an hardware system (red light on). An error, something we could see in the log, yes, but nothing except a red light on ? for a corrupted scanned file ?

…I just run a new library scan : the processor temperature is 107°Celsius now. I presume It will probably crashed with a good Red Cross light on.

…can’t we imagine there is an hardware problem on the Vero I received ? The absence of heat sink or something like that ?

Temperature increased to 110, and then the scan finished… probably because half of it was already made yesterday.

We know it’s not a corrupted file.

I’ll try right now to remove and scrap from scratch the tv show library (what I tried yesterday). Perhaps temperature will increase higher ?

Well, temperature increased to 116° and then Vero crashed, right light on.

I have videos if you want (110°, 113°, 115°… I missed the 116° crash). No screensaver, no special things, only a library update.

Now, what can we do please ?

Thank you.

How the /etc/apt/sources.list should looks like to install the Vero as if it was new (without loosing .kodi.bak I made) to test ?

Or, better : how can I do a “stock installation” (…without losing any backup) ?

Then, without nothing (except a media source I hope…), we’ll see if the Vero I have has a problem doing a scan only…

Thank you.

I am asking you to test with 3.14 because this is the stable release. By using an experimental build you are introducing more variables.

Before we would check for a hardware problem, we would surely rule out a software problem first.

If you believe it’s a hardware problem, then you can open a warranty case at, but I don’t think the hardware is faulty from what you have described so far.

Unfortunately you haven’t uploaded debug logs – so it’s hard to look in to the issue further.

I made what you told me to do to be able to work as promised.

I’ll do that, but want one again test your “clean installation”.

it’s done before “stocking installation” : you probably missed my message 6 before yours.

So, I asked you how to do a “stock installation” by telling me what to write in “sources.list” to do the clean installation as you asked me : could you help me ?

Thank you.

For a clean system, you need to reinstall OSMC. See Reinstalling OSMC - Vero 4K - OSMC.

Thank you very much for your help (…I’ll try to backup by myself, thank you).

Take a backup, but to ensure a clean system I wouldn’t try and restore it immediately on the new install so we can actually test on a fresh installation.

Sure. I’ll do that this evening and come back with tests results.

Thank you.


Tried this morning, but 404 on page Reinstalling OSMC - Vero 4K - OSMC.

Thank you,

Well basically it says download the installer for your OS (Windows or Mac) and then install the image on a SD Card or USB.

Boot the Vero with the USB Stick or SD Card.

Hello fzinken,

thank for your help.

Unfortunately, a new problem : OSMC installer error. Here the end of the log :
jeu. déc. 24 06:50:43 2020 Imaging failed!
jeu. déc. 24 06:50:43 2020 Messages are:
jeu. déc. 24 06:50:43 2020 stdout:
jeu. déc. 24 06:50:43 2020 stderr: 0:135: execution error: dd: /dev/rdisk4: Operation not permitted (1)

It looks like it’s a known problem : OSMC installer fails on macOS Catalina 10.15.3 - #5 by paul34949 that should have been solved but no. I’ll try using DD or another installer…