Vero 4k crashes since June update

Since the most recent update I now get an unhappy face crash.
It only ‘seems’ to effect 4k content from my initial testing.
Have created a log pastebin here

I played two films but I think the crash/restart wipes the log?
Note that it can happen in general whilst playing the film at random times but in the test I skipped through to a random point that accelerates the crash scenario. I can repeat this for any 4k film I tested but 1080p x264 x265 seem fine and be skipped about at will.

Nothing else has changed and the box has been happily working for months without issue, aside from stuttery sound issue on some TrueHD films.

If you turn on the passthrough option for TrueHD in the audio options does the crashing stop?

Yes it appears to stop, I flicked around 4-5 4k films and they seem ok aside from the stuttering is back.

Any idea on a proper fix?
What if your amp doesn’t support TrueHD?

We need to wait for a fix upstream via Kodi. There’s been quite a lot of discussion regarding this on our forums, the Kodi forums and Kodi issue tracker


if you’re talking about the TrueHD thing then I understand that but the workaround was to disable TrueHD. Since the recent update that now causes OSMC to crash.

So I’m not stuck between crap sound or crashing OS.

I don’t think that should be the case. My understanding was that the crash only occurred when 1) usually seeking; 2) relying on decode and not passthrough.

I turned off TrueHD audio option a while back to get around the stuttery sound.
All was ok.
Latest update came along and I noticed whilst watching a 4k film that it randomly crashed with sad face, I say random as sometime 2 minutes in sometimes 45 min, 1h 15m in etc.
To replicate that for debug logs I noticed that if I used seek it would cause it to crash faster so I did this to be able to upload the log.

I opened this thread.
As it stands now I’m back to stuttery sound on TrueHD encoded films which I know is out of your control.
If I disable TrueHD enabled amp OSMC randomly crashes during a film now, it didn’t before the update, can this not be fixed?

Can you upload a debug log that shows this stuttering with passthrough enabled. I don’t have any sound issues on my system with TrueHD in passthrough so whatever the issue it is not universal.

It’s this issue Stuttering on very high bw audio encode

Loads of people have the issue, it’s a problem with Kodi itself not OSMC.

Ah - those are dropouts rather than stutters. It’s caused by the bit packing code in Kodi.

So what’s causing OSMC to crash now on the June update with TrueHD decoder disabled?

I’m not sure. I need to look in to this. There are some stability issues with 18.7 on the whole; so I recommend revisiting after 18.8.