Vero 4k iptv issues after August update

Seems that the (here) discussed issues are gone with 19.3 update.
Thanks for this release.


You can always install the latest version on the Downloads page and update.

I’ve just updated and rebooted.

The issue is totally NOT fixed. There is no difference in behavior. PVR plays at 50% speed.

I’ll probably buy something else, I’ve been without live TV for over 2 months now.

And now I deleted my Kodi config, reconfigured and it started working properly. So whatever was there, it was affecting PVR.

I’ve also done a clean new install …
Maybe this is a “must” … for me this is annoying but acceptable.

Hmm, I will try to move my .kodi folder and start over to see if the issues ared fixed for me… As for now things look the same. However, as I’m trying a new provider, I saw that some h264 streams are now working and interesting enough, the ones that do not work are encoded with AAC. This led me to:

There are some threads in different plugins around this but I’m not sure if any conclusion came out of it. Anyways, hopping that a clean kodi setup fixes this for me as well.

  • Nuno Sá

Unfortunately, a clean kodi start does not solve it. It seems there’s huge issues with AAC based streams. I might try to test this on a firestick to see the result but this seems to be more of a kodi issue rather than Vero…


This means, you did a fresh sdcard install or you just wiped all your kodi config? Anyways, I’m not too optimistic regarding a fresh install…

  • Nuno Sá

I did a fresh sdcard install.
Cannot confirm underlying KODi problems, because I could use KODi on FireTV and Android Smart-TV (19.1 - 19.3) without the problems I had with Vero4k+
My problems were only with LiveTV (I use tvheadend) … no probs with movies/tvshows coming from various sources (incl. Emby / Plex)

Some more updates on this one… I have a done a fresh install of OSMC on my rpi2 and the issue is the same. It seems to be related with streams that are AAC encoded. All the other streams work fine. On top of this, things work fine on my x86 laptop with plain kodi and on the 4k amazon stick. So, at this point I’m not sure if this is not an OSMC related issue or maybe an issue with ffmpeg on arm32 (even though I think my fire stick is also running on 32bits).

I will see if I can try a fresh install on vero in the next few days but at this point I have almost no hope that will change something…

It would be nice to see some light on the end of the tunnel for this one as i don’t really want to use the stick on my main TV

  • Nuno Sá

Which version of Kodi are you running on the stick and laptop?

19.3 on both… Don’t think it matter much but on the laptop I’m running kodi on Fedora.

Ok, Unfortunately as I was already expecting, a clean install did not solved the issue. Just went back to Leia for the time being. This is naturally a temporary thing and I hope this gets fixed soon so I can update again…

FWIW, there’s this thread in kodi:

which can be related to this issue even though the issue here is on Android (which probably means 32 bit arm)…

  • Nuno Sá

A number of playback improvements will come next month – so we can look at it then if it’s still problematic.

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Very disappointing but unfortunately this is still problematic. At this point it looks very unlikely that this is an issue with kodi… As I said, things work perfectly fine on my x86 laptop and on firestick.

For the time being I’m going back to the last image with Leia which works. I’m still hopeful that we will eventually have this fixed but it’s starting to get a bit frustrating.

  • Nuno Sá

Hi Nuno,

We are working on a number of video improvements and will pay attention to IPTV issues.


Hi Sam,

Just let me know if there’s anything I can do to help (like testing nightly builds)… I was having a great experience with my vero until the matrix update. And I was really expecting that update to get catch up support in pvr simple IPTV. So, very frustrating… Oh well, hopefully you guys can figure this out soon enough.

Just as a quick reminder, this looks to be related with AAC audio encoded streams (at least on IPTV)…

@sam_nazarko, is there already anything worth testing in nightly?

There will be a test thread in the near future which you might be interested in.

Alright… just let me know :).

Just for testing, I also want to give this a try on a rpi4 using other distro as librelec. I suspect this is also an issue for them and is related with 32bit arm. Is there any easy way to have a 64bit osmc (just for testing this thing) build? I know RPI already provides 64bit userland builds but I suspect I will have to manually build kodi in order to have matrix…

  • Nuno Sá

For Bullseye I am making sure we also build everything for 64-bit and may release some test images

This means that Widevine will not work however.