Vero 4k issues - speed and HDR


I run a Vero from a powerline. That powerline gives my laptop 180Mb/s - but on the Vero using a speed test it only gets 50- 80 Mbs on a good day. A 3.0 Gigabit USB adapter halves that speed.

Plugging it into a 50m ethernet cable from an ethernet switch gives the Vero a 130Mbs speed but this is not a permanent solution for me. So I know my Vero can receive good speeds.

The upshot is that when I play a heavy 4k file with HD Audio it stutters. Also - when I turn HDR switching on - those 4k files don’t even start.

A log is here (I Think)

Please help


Powerline can be hit and miss. 50-80Mps is good, but might not be good enough. If you’re using the speedtest tool, you’re actually checking your Internet connection speed, rather than your network.

The HDR autoswitching option will be removed in the next update and should be handled automatically.


Thanks. So how would I stop the stuttering of the 4k movie ? Is it case that I don’t have enough network speed?

An fstab mount may improve things if you haven’t done so already. Otherwise this is indee a bandwidth issue

Thanks. So how can it be bandwidth if my laptop is getting twice the speed? The only device not getting the required speed on the same connection is the vero.

I looked into fstab once but it looked way beyond my ability - is there an easy method?

Is your laptop connected via the same powerline connection?

Are you testing using iperf or speedtest? The speedtest method isn’t a good indicator of the actual speed; because the Internet is an external factor. The Vero and laptop may be picking different testing servers.


Yes - same powerline

No, I’ve got zero experience of iperf. Do I download an addon in OSMC?

Unfortunately that sudo apt stuff is just double dutch to me. Where do I type it?

The more I look at the Vero the more I think it’s a great solution, but only for those with a specific experience of IT.

Sorry, that HowTo doesn’t start from base camp. Have a look here and see if you can get your head round it. Learning curve is steep at first but we are here to help.

Details regarding how to access the command line interface can be found here on our Wiki: Accessing the command line - General - OSMC

Most people don’t have a 50m ethernet cable lying around so I assumed you were a power user.

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Thanks I’ll try that - how would I install iperf on a Network Hard Disk Drive?

now you’re asking…

is it a commercial NAS?

Yeah it’s only one of those Western Digital Hard Drives. It’s not a proper NAS.

Thanks for all your help by the way.

so it’s just an enclosure with an ethernet port and a web interface? Don’t think we can run iperf on that.

But you can run iperf from your laptop through the switch to the vero. If you think the laptop-switch leg is good then it give some clues.

Naaa. For more advanced stuff - yes, definitely. For plug and play? Vero is easy. The problem is that Powerline is… for lack of better words - utter cra… - I mean, not good. . It’s unbelievably inconsistent, has ping times that veer into triple digits on a good day etc. I’ve never had a good experience with them in multiple locations.

That said, I know Sam and the team will help you as best they can.

I think you’re right. It’s just I’m out of options. Unless I can find a way of running that 50m ethernet cable around a hall, 2 doorways a sofa,etc etc etc.

I’m sure it’s my network that is the problem. But the lapop performance on the same connection threw me.

Powerline was clearly designed as a last-resort type of thing. I’ve honestly found WiFi to be more reliable! It really doesn’t surprise me that there are issues with the Vero with it. It’s a bummer, for sure.

If you have 802.11ac WIFi, I think this will give you better results than powerline

Unfortunately not. With WiFi on, the Vero barely plays 1080p content.

What are the iperf3 results if you connect by Wifi?