Vero 4k+ + Kodi 19 + Plex = slow plex loading movies

So it seems to be an issue if you have auth networks enabled and the 0.3.3 version of Plex? I do have that setup as it is the only way to view videos on my local network when my internet goes down.

I’ll try to remove that options and see what happens

Yep that fixed my issue, probably why it has not been seen much as most people don’t use that setting but when it is blank and your internet goes down you can’t watch Plex on your local network without those IP addresses. I’ve removed them for now but hope this bug gets properly fixed at some point.

Thanks a ton mfraz74 for finding and posting the fix.

Plex>Settings>Network>List of IP addresses

Which add on do you guys use to watch Plex on the Vero 4K? The Kodi Plex connext doesn’t work anymore for me and I use(d) it to sync downstairs and bedroom watching shows and such.

Thanks I’m advance!

There is three Kodi add-ons available to use with Plex. PKC integrates with Kodi Libraries so it has a “normal” Kodi appearance. Plex by Kodi has the traditionally Plex app look. Composite I’m not exactly sure how to describe but you can install all three and just see what you like as it is more a preference in what UI you want more than one working better than the other.

As for you non-working PKC you should be able to fix it easy enough. Please see the following thread for more information…

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