Vero 4k+ lights up red and shows weird stuff on screen


Our Vero 4k+ has been having this issue where the light turns red and initially it had this weird pattern on screen (photo of it shown below)

Now there isn’t any video output at all though the red light persists. Any and all help with this would be very much appreciated!

This appears that your power supply my have failed. There are options for testing that in this thread.

Either that, or the device is overheating

Ah alrighty I’ll check this thread out, thanks!

Hmm maybe. Though it’s in a room where the AC is always turned on though I’m not sure if that’s enough to cool it.

Ah I think it’s worth mentioning that the weird pattern is back and I’ve discovered that it kinda changes when I touch the HDMI cable

I’d say then to try a different cable, or clean the contacts.

Alrighty will try this!