Vero 4K Netflix and Streaming general

Hi here.

This is my first post on this forum. -Excuse my English i am not native !
Short about myself : I live in Denmarks and have a long time hobby for the linux, raspberry pi, diyaudio, diyhome automation and some light programming/scripting etc… so hacking into the box with ssh/telnet or whatever don’t scare me at all (it’s fun right?)

Recently i sold some of my old streamers, and promised myself that next streamer should be the best one :sunglasses: Also a linux one not being close-source as my Roku Ultra was btw.

So reason i write here is that i really would like to know how netflix is with this box, also if surround is working on netflix through the spdif optical port on this machine.

Another thing is about all the lipsync problems there is with streaming generally, how this box handles this (does kodi still have the possiblility to adjust this delay +/- ?)… Primary format is .MKV H264 ripped with some windows program years back.

I really hope someone can give me some information?

I sure did a lot of research myself, but i would like some to tell how the boks is for real.

I am pretty sure i am going to buy it, think it looks lovely

Rgds; Jesper.

Yes it does. I don’t use Netflix so hope someone else can help you.

Hi Thanks man…

Rgds; Jesper.

When it comes to netflix there are one small problem still left, Leila and netflix addon works to navigate netflix but when it starts to stream there is a small error with libwidevine.

This problem is know to the developers of OSMC, but i dont know where they are at with a solution.

Coll enough!

It’s looking as netflix are going to work somehow/in future!

So anybody with experiance around the spdif output ? Does it work as expected.

Thanks all.

Rgds; Jesper.

SPDIF works fine with surround and mkv. No idea about with Netflix but I can’t see how that would make a difference.

So… I really need to convince my better half, when getting back home from work today…

I will let you know if i am permissed to buy one :star_struck:

Any onther things to know ? - Are you happy with the box? Is it fast? Can it handle things well?

Rgds; Jesper.

Why do you need permission? I had 2 RPI’s with OSMC taped behind the TV. 1 is already replaced. the better half didn’t notice the difference apart from that it is snappier.
the replacement for the 2nd RPI is on it’s way once shipment resumes.

Just tape the thing behind the TV. And if you didn’t have Kodi/OSMC before just say it’s a major update from the Smart TV manufacturer. :smiley:


:grin: Excatly man…

Just kidding! … I am sure i would buy this one today…

Rgds; Jesper

So i got it ordered :star_struck: … Getting ready for my new linux box!

Rgds; Jesper.


So my 2nd Vero arrived today. Installation went smooth. Update to latest version, upgrade to Stretch, update to @gmc 's (Alpha/Beta) Leia builds and installled the Netflix addon (with the necessary dependencies). The addon showed 2 missing addons (streaming.adaptive and pycryptodome iirc but installed without further issues).

Entered my login/password but got some error. Maybe I made a mistake in typing my password so I went to switch profile to re-enter. But in stead of having to enter my login/password I got the different profiles from Netflix. So that’s a good start :slight_smile:
Next choose my profile and went to 1 of my series and tried to watch an episode. And it worked!!!

So for everybody still doubting to get a Vero4K because it doesn’t stream Netflix. Next version will!!!

Yes – we resolved the playback issue a few days ago. Netflix should now work as expected.
We’ll look at the addon dependency issues shortly; but they are mainly cosmetic warnings and won’t cause any playback problems.


Cool - also in HD?

I believe 720p is working for now. There might be some improvements that make higher resolutions possible later.

Will test this at some point, too. Netflix/Amazon Prime will make my Vero even better.
Does DD+ 5.1 sound also work?

yes, it does! :wink:


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That’s amazing. Then it’s only more than 720p that is missing. But at least 720p+DD+ already. Amazing!

My output is 1920x1080 24p, it will be upscaled!

720 software, 1080 hardware!

Well, source 1080p would be even better… But at least the Vero can play true source framerate with Netflix and Amazon Prime, right?
Nearly no device can do that…

yep, and absolutely flawlessly!

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