Vero 4K+ - No DD 5.1 / DTS 5.1 audio via Optical

Vero 4K+ HDMI => 4K HDR / 3D TV (ARC only. No eARC.)
Vero 4K+ Optical => LG SN11RG brand new 7.1.4 soundbar (Optical)

Switched input to Optical in my soundbar. All I am getting is PCM and not DD 5.1 and DTS 5.1 via Optical.

Did try many things in vain.

Please can someone help.

Assuming your TV is only ARC and not eARC then with either connection method you would need to have your setting showing expert so you can see all the options and then turn on in the audio settings 2 channel, passthrough on, and enable passthough for AC3 and DTS.

You can find more information is this guide…

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Thanks mate.

I did try the above. Now getting DD 5.1 (640 Kbps) but no DTS. I did enable all passthrough and even rebooted the unit. Looks like I need to invest in HDFury.

Why wouldn’t you connect vero HDMI to the soundbar and soundbar HDMI to the TV?

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Wondering if the soundbar’s HDMI IN can accept full bandwith video+audio and transmit just the video like modern AVR via eARC HDMI OUT?

eARC doesn’t come into it when streaming from Vero through the soundbar. Have you tried it?

Oh man. Thanks a ton. That worked (Vero 4K+ > soundbar HDMI IN -> soundbar HDMI OUT -> TV).

Never knew the HDMI IN on the soundbar will behave like HDMI IN in the AVRs.

Since your now connected via HDMI directly to the soundbar the optimal settings would probably be to select 7.1 channels with the supported passthough formats enabled.

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Thanks pal. Yes. All good now. Getting Atmos and DTS-X. Now I can rest sorry sleep in peace.

If the chapter skip crash issue is resolved this will arguable the best bang for the buck media player.

I am sure we can fix it.

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