Vero 4K problems


I’ve just ordered this device, thumbs up for fast delivery, it only took 3 days to Denmark :slight_smile:

Just wanted to let you guys now, that i had major problems playing 4K content.
i tried 3 different files, even the Kodi sample files did have problems, i also tried connecting the Vero 4K directly to my TV instead of the AVR.
content directly from a USB 3.0 stick and from my NAS would fail.

As a last resort i tried a QED high end HDMI cable, instead of the one included in the package, and guess what, everything now plays smoothly.
So maybe you guys should upgrade the HDMI cable in the package, or even not include one at all, as it would save us users a lot of time, and troubleshooting.

Anyway just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

I’m now thinking about ordering another one, for the bedroom.

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Thanks for the info :slight_smile:
May I ask what model QED cable you are using?
I have some audio problems, and being a bit desperate, I want to invest in good quality HDMI cable to rule that out.

Thank you.


Sorry to hear you experienced problems. Can you explain what the problems with 4K content were?

We provide a standard HDMI 2.0a cable with each device to get people started. It sounds like your cable may have been faulty or it’s not working well with your equipment.


Hi Sam,

Stuttering, frame skipping - alot like the other users on this forum with the vero 4K, and even took a couple a times before the video would start - some times i could only hear sound.
at first i thought it was my AVR (Marantz NR 1606) but it was the same problem connected directly to my SONY XD93 4K TV

I found an issue today affecting Marantz receivers and while I haven’t replied yet to the users I think affected (e.g. @Chillbo), I suspect they have Marantz receiviers as well. I will reply shortly.

I contacted them and they suggested a firmware update if possible. Not sure on the specifics yet.


Sure, when I’m home again, i will check :slight_smile:

i don’t think that is the case with me, because it was exactly the same problem connected directly to my TV - but tv tv is using ARC from the AVR, so maybe you’re right.

Same here. I also tested connecting the Vero 4k directly to the TV and disabling return channel. So, there was no connection between receiver and Vero anymore. Besides… I have a Denon receiver. It’s the same holding, but still the receivers of the brands are different.

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Is there any form for discount, if i would like to order a second device ?