Vero 4K+ RF remote drains battery very quickly

Hi, I have a Vero 4K+ for an year and it worked nice until the end of 2019. Then the remote stopped working and I changed the battery. After a couple of weeks the battery was under 2.7 Volts and I replaced it again. Then again. Last time I changed the battery was February 1 and today I measured under 2.7 V. I buy the coin cells from different places - electronics shop, a supermarket, even from a watchmaker, who claims to sell good batteries. I am not sure if the remote is working normally or the batteries I have bought are not so strong. I have an IR PC remote with a 3V CR2032 battery and it has been working for 5 years without changing the battery.
The Vero is used 2-3 times a day for an hour maximum playtime, and usually I don’t need to press a lot of keys.

Have you tried re-pairing the remote?

Yes, last time when changed the battery I re-paired the remote using the instructions here. Night time the Vero is powered off completely. But this is from day 1 I’ve got it :slight_smile:

Can you leave the Vero on and re-pair and see if this improves things?


OK new battery installed. Re-paired. Will stay permanently on, wifi disabled, lan connected (although I never let it on since the first day I’ve got it) . Countdown begins :slight_smile:

The remote doesn’t work again - the battery voltage is under 2.7 V. This time I used a different vendor for cr2032 battery. The Vero was not turned off, network cable connected, wifi disabled. Again the battery worked for a month.

It’s not an April Fools’ Day joke

The device must be near some large 2.4Ghz interference. Could it be near a wireless keyboard / mouse receiver or router?

I thought about this too. But it seems not. No wireless keyboards/mouse/bluetooth devices nearby. The router is in the next room, behind a brick wall, maybe 5 meters away from the Vero and the remote control. Near the router there is a wireles connected RPi 3B+, for a small project. The only new device near the Vero is a combo DVB receiver, but it has only lan connection, no wifi module. I can’t remember the brand of the stocked battery which worked for a long time.

Second (and probably last) update.
The problem hasn’t gone. Last time I ever reflashed the Vero 4K+ using toothpick to bring up the bootloader. Used Energizer 2032 button cell. Again the remote worked nice about a month or so. I give up; I’m not satisfied at all; the warranty is finished and will use 3rd party remote control.

Maybe another issue:
I’m pretty sure that when obtained the Vero4K+ when it was booting the red led was lit about a second. Now when the device is powered the led is dark. The led turns on when the device is powered off.

The warranty may be finished but as a gesture of good will we can ship you a new remote. I’ve no idea if this will solve your problem, because it may be environmental

Regarding the LED not coming up on boot, that’s a bug in the latest bootloader, but it’s low priority for me to fix presently.


I can test the other remote and if it fails after a month or two, I will return it. I can send the old one too, if you need to examine it.
I can’t find any strong 2.4 GHz radio pollution around. The router is running openwrt with reduced RF power and there are at least 5 meters, a brick wall and a lcd TV between the router and the Vero. It’s the same router I’ve had for maybe 8 years. There are not any USB3 devices nearby - I know they make problems with 2.4GHz. Does the remote do band hopping when frequency is too occupied? Or maybe I have bad luck with the batteries. Does it matter in which slot I have to plug the remote’s receiver?

Please send an email to with order details and address and I’ll ship it out.

Shouldn’t matter at all