Vero 4K sound issues after December update w LG soundbar

I just updated to the December update and my surround sound has gone out on my LG sound bar. The sound worked flawlessly before the update in 2.0 and 5.1 but only the surround is coming out of the bar currently on 5.1 audio. If OSMC is switched to use 2.0 sound everything works perfectly.

My setup is the following:

LG 65EF9500 4K OLED
Vero 4K
LG soundbar LAS454B

Vero -> HDMI -> TV HDMI input -> TV optical out -> LG soundbar

I have tried 3 different HDMI cables and all 3 HDMI inputs on my TV,none of the settings on the soundbar make a bit of difference, and also nothing in the TV sound setup menus work.

Kodi debug log:

Can you show us the Kodi audio settings?
(Screenshot or photo)


I can upload something tomorrow the wife is sleeping =)

I’ve had a similar issue since updating. I am using SPDIF into an old Onkyo receiver. I have Left, Right and Centre speakers connected only and had KODI audio output configuration set to 3.0 previously. After the update the sound was ‘washed out’ and very quiet. Only by setting KODI to 2.0 can I get anything resembling what I had previously. Not a massive issue, but it’s there.

Just to be clear - switching to 2.0 has ‘resolved’ it, but with nothing to compare it against I can’t say for sure if it’s comparable to when I had it set to 3.0.

Please post the output of

sed -n /audiooutput/,/audiooutput/p /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/guisettings.xml

@PnoT can also be done while wife is sleeping :wink:

Whilst set to 3.0, i.e. my previous setting?

Doesn’t matter - it will just list your audiosettings (easier than taking screenshots).

        <ac3passthrough default="true">true</ac3passthrough>
        <ac3transcode default="true">false</ac3transcode>
        <atempothreshold default="true">2</atempothreshold>
        <audiodevice default="true">ALSA:default</audiodevice>
        <boostcenter default="true">0</boostcenter>
        <dspaddonsenabled default="true">false</dspaddonsenabled>
        <dtshdpassthrough default="true">false</dtshdpassthrough>
        <dtspassthrough default="true">false</dtspassthrough>
        <eac3passthrough default="true">false</eac3passthrough>
        <guisoundmode default="true">1</guisoundmode>
        <maintainoriginalvolume default="true">true</maintainoriginalvolume>
        <passthrough default="true">false</passthrough>
        <passthroughdevice default="true">ALSA:hdmi:CARD=AMLM8AUDIO,DEV=0</passthroughdevice>
        <processquality default="true">30</processquality>
        <samplerate default="true">48000</samplerate>
        <stereoupmix default="true">false</stereoupmix>
        <streamnoise default="true">false</streamnoise>
        <streamsilence default="true">1</streamsilence>
        <truehdpassthrough default="true">false</truehdpassthrough>
        <volumesteps default="true">90</volumesteps>

Try setting device to HDMI. And configuration to Best match.

I tried every combination of those two settings and you can only hear the surround and not FL FR C

What happens if you plug vero direct to the soundbar?

Optical directly connected to the soundbar only works in 2.0 and I’ve tried every combination of those 2 settings and pass through.

According to this your soundbar is a 2.1 device. So how were you able to get 5.1 sound before? Was there some down-mixing (virtual surround) going on?

Do you mean it outputs only 2 channels no matter what the kodi settings are or it outputs nothing unless you choose 2.0 in Kodi?

Wow, call me shocked because having it set to 5.1 has always worked on my Shield TV, Intel NUC, and the Vero 4K up until now. I never looked at the specification on the soundbar but you’re definitely correct in it looks like 2.1.


Setting 2.1 in Kodi definitely works! Why would 5.1 work this whole time and now all of the sudden stop thou. I understand the bar is not 5.1 (thanks for that) but I’m left puzzled.

We had a problem where audio was incorrectly mapped on Vero 4K for a while.
Now that we’ve fixed it, it looks like we’ve exposed that your receiver only supports 2.1

It likely will support DTS and Dolby Digital; so it may be worth passing that through if it is indeed supported.



Thanks for lending a hand and helping me resolve the issue. You guys are fantastic with supporting your user base!!

Thanks for your kind words. Glad we could help.