Vero 4K suggestion: automatically turn off blue LED

I use my Vero 4k in a purposefully very dark room. Under those circumstances, the LED light from the Vero 4k is very bright. The feature I would most prefer is, when I play a video it would automatically turn itself off. Of course there are other ways to give the user some control over the light, such as ‘manually’ turning it off all the time.

My current solution is black electrical tape to cover it.

I found other posts (example: Option to disable blue LED) saying this feature wasn’t going to be pursued but I thought it might be worth repeating.


I agree that it is quite bright, and if turning it off isn’t possible, maybe different colors would be less bright. I know it can be red, so at least one other color is available. Also, is PWM available on the LED driver controller? If so, that can be used to dim the LED.

As for the other issue where people want to use the built-in IR receiver but don’t like the LED, try LightDims. The original version will dim the LED a lot, but allow the IR receiver to still work, at least on my Vero 4K.

For those there is a external IR receiver in the package of the Vero :wink:

AFAICT the led is hard-wired to the main power rail but I think Sam has some ideas.

any news on this?

actually any method to completely turn the led off would be much appreciated… right now I am using tape, also considered opening the Vero 4k and destroy the led but I probably use any guarantee on the decice, lol

so if there is any safe way to disable that ridiculous led, that would be much appreciated

At this time it’s not possible.

Humourously, we’ve actually had a user initiate an RMA because the blue (when device is on) LED stopped working.

Perhaps we should make it less bright in the future; but for now it’s a key indicator of when the device is on and working as expected.


Hah! maybe I get lucky and my led stops working too :smiley:

Well it is not a big deal and it is not the first device I had to use black tape on. People have different preferences regarding a led, so yes adding options on future devices to dim or turn off any led is always a good idea. The current led brightens my whole sleeping room, I think there are quite many people who use the Vero 4k in the sleeping room.

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