Option to disable blue LED


is there any configurable option to disable the blue status LED of the Vero 4k? This would increase the WAF enormously.

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It’s not possible to disable the LED unfortunately.


Ok, I’ll mount it at the TVs back.

Black electrical insulation tape works very well and the living room now looks less like a disco.

Just don’t tell Sam that I’ve spoilt the flowing lines of his latest creation… :wink:

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Unless you use the buildt in IR reciver, because it’s located at the same place as the blue diod.

There is an IR extender in the box which can be used if you hide your device behind the TV or in the cabinet.


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Id like to hop on that old thread.

My Vero4k just arrived and Im nearly complete setting it up for everyday use. Im using a Logitech Harmony (650) which works fine, just like with my RPi3.

My only issue: The blue LED is way to bright. When I tape it off or turn the Vero itself, the IR receiver is hidden and my Remote wont work. The IR-extender causes a significant response delay, maybe an additional 3/4 second per input. Thats not an absolute dealbreaker, but its neither cool.

Is there any chance to add a simple option to completely turn off the LED and/or choose the dim percentage?
Im using a RemotePiBoard on my RPi3 and they have exactly that possibility via command prompt.

That should not be the case. I think @sam_nazarko might have an idea about that.

Meanwhile, I test different device combinations in OSMC and the MyHarmony software, maybe theres a better responding combination.

Vero4k does not support that AFAICT.

May I ask why? It seemed possible in older versions of the vero and is possible with other LEDs on other boards (like the remotepi).

LightDims (google it) can be used to cover the light without disabling the IR receiver. At least, it works fine for me.

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Nice hint, thanks! Though they seem defficult to get in Europe.

That would be the last solution. Im not a fan of using a DIY-solution on a brand new purchased product.
Id really like to understand the struggle of including an option to dim or turn off the LED.

Yeah, I stick these on just about every electronic item we buy these days. Worth getting some in. Sometimes even need to stick two stickers on top of each other, for really offensively bright lights.

Can’t be done. We will do it in the next hardware revision in 2019

Ok, and do you have any ideas about the IR-extender causing an input delay?

That shouldn’t be the case; unless there’s a weak reception. I’ve also seen this with some RC5 remotes.

The extender is hanging from my shelf with a direct line of sight (wife is not happy), so reception shouldnt be the problem.

Im not sure about the RC variations but am pretty sure, that the Harmony 650 (665 to be specific) uses RC6.

Its a well known problem, that Logitech Harmonys have an increased input delay on Kodi in general. With the additional delay of the extender it is a quite unpleasant experience.

You’re hitting a couple of repeat filters which is causing this issue. I can’t think of a trivial way to make them configurable for some users at this time off the top of my head however.

You may get away with just using the internal, front-facing IR receiver.


… with the uncomfortable bright LED.

Well I guess I have to wait for the arrival of the LightDims from overseas then.

I even thought about opening the case and unsoldering the LED. But that surely would make any warranty go up in smoke.