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It's been a while since we announced the launch of Vero 4K +, and we've got some news (good and bad).

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I intended to post this a few weeks ago, but given volatility of GBP/USD recently, waited before making such a post. I didn’t want another price increase later.

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Very understandable! Especially with the raising prices of the components. (Not to mention that just the inflation means that £100 in 2017 is £120 now (based on this)!)

Would you perhaps consider adding other ways that we could support you, other than the hardware sales? Like direct donations.

This has already been possible for years via the donate page on our website, but we are lucky to get even a single donation a month. I think people prefer to buy hardware from us instead where they get something tangible in return.

OSMC is in a good position - we just want to ensure that things stay that way.

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My bad! I’ve completely missed it!

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The price increase is very understandable in these times.

I bought my two Vero 4Ks just over 5 years ago. They’re still running Kodi 18.9 (by my choice), but operating flawlessly with daily use. They were a solid investment that met (and still meet) my needs completely - and I couldn’t be happier. :grinning:

If you’re sitting on the fence wondering about whether to get a Vero 4K+ - take the plunge and order one.


18.9 was one of the best versions … Vero was at its most stable then. Wish i could go back to 18.9 :+1:t2:

You can downgrade to Kodi v18.9 if you wish to do so. See Download - OSMC.

I couldn’t see a recent post from you reporting stability issues. If you’re experiencing issues, please open a support request and we’ll get this solved.



Anything about Dolby Vision support ?

Nothing that we choose to publicly announce at this time.

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I was expecting price increase somewhere around 159 :smiley: It’s still great box with nearly zero maintenance required compared to chinese boxes with LE or Android… and much more stable

I’m fine with the price increase… everything else is, but I would like to see some iterative upgrades at some point like the 4k to the 4k+ (I have one of each). Be nice to get 802.11AX with 2x2 MIMO (at some point) for example and a processor refresh. I have no problem ponying up more money for new kit just like I do with all my other devices.

Totally agreed, though, that the 4k+ was definitely built for the long haul. Its been quite impressive.

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The x4 is only finding its legs as far as support, which I imagine could be in the next iteration. Not much point building a custom device unless you can support the basic features out of the box. Lots of the boxes with it already contain lots of fake parts. I’d wait for a reliable supported unit however long that takes. There’s not really any think the 4k+ can’t do.

There you go - a small donation made for this month. You guys are outstanding - thank you.
I did wonder whether the Donate page should be a little more accessible - like, perhaps beside the Home|About|Blog|Download|Support|Contribute|Shop links at top - though I do agree that people would in general prefer to buy things from you. By the same token, your level of support is obviously second to none, so who knows, making the Donate link more visible might help?

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Thanks for your kind words. I am undecided about donations in the future.

The thing is — we prefer to provide a physical, tangible good. This guarantees an expectation between you and us as a buyer and seller.

Donations are very low despite us having a very large number of Pi users and donation totals are in three figures annually.

That doesn’t cover the bill but we don’t invest in advertising and consider that to be our advertising. Most customers that buy a Vero did so after evaluating OSMC on a Pi.

We just have to make more cool stuff I suspect.

Take care,

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you already make a lot of cool stuff!

A new higher end hardware with some new features like AV1 decoding, QMS, Dolby Vision at a higher price (even 300-500 €) with a high quality buidl like a apple tv would be nice an I wouldn’t hesitate to buy one.



Quick Media Switching, a HDMI 2.1 feature.

Ah that QMS. :slight_smile:

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Dammit! I was just looking at getting another vero4k when I saw this notification. So I see I missed out on the lower price by less than a week… just my luck! Are there any coupon codes for current owners who want to get a replacement/additional unit?