Vero 4k with OSMC will not get updates from MySQL-library

I have been using a RPi for a couple of years with OSMC on a shared library setup (MySQL). I also have 2 units running Kodi (Windows) and 2 units Kodi (OS X).

I still use the RPi-unit to update the library with watchdog.

I bought a Vero 4k a month ago and playback and everything works flawless. However I can´t get it to pull updates from the MySQL. If I perform an “update library” on the Vero it gets the update. Also if restart the the Vero it pulls the recently added items and resume information on ongoing media - I dont have the update library on start enabled.

What is the problem, why isn´t the Vero triggered to update the media on changes from the other devices.

Rpi and Vero 4k are both on OSMC 2017.09-1

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Is Watchdog installed on the Vero 4K?
The whole ‘dynamic library’ scenario isn’t actually part of Kodi and requires a third party add-on. Might be best to check with the Library Watchdog developers.

The Watchdog is not installed on the Vero 4k but on the RPi. But if we disregard that it doesn´t work anyway. If I watch something on one of the other Kodi/OSCM devices and move over to the Vero 4k it will mot update the “resume”-information or the “ongoing movies”. It doesn´t matter if I switch between the Series-/Movies view. It only updates when I reboot the Vero 4k.

I have now tried and recreated an entire new MySQL-DB (initiated from the Vero 4k) and used the Vero 4k to update the library (populate the DB). Same problem unfortunately so I don´t believe the root is a corrupt DB.

The MySQL implementation is the same across all versions of Kodi and they share the same library.

I’m not sure if Kodi just queries the database once and caches it; or is meant to query each time a folder is opened. It is possibly lazy-loaded, but cached.

I would check the query log and see if the Vero 4K is re-running queries when you browse the library.


On the other devices (also on OSMC RPi). The new media would automatically show up. I do not know if it is polling the DB or if this is broadcasted in some way?

No – it won’t be broadcasted.

The database would have to be queried again.
I think Kodi logs SQL queries with component based debug logging; you also have mysql processlist to see what’s being run.


Seems it has been worked around on the Kodi side by a script.
Executed by kodi-send --action=“ReloadSkin()”

Are you saying the Home screen doesn’t update?

But going in to TV Shows / Movies is up to date, right?

This would be expected. Kodi isn’t designed to dynamically update in this way. Your other devices might have a different skin or something that is refreshing this.

That is correct - Home screen doesn´t update. I guess this is more of a problem for the always on devices like the Vero or RPis.

Atleast now I know it is by design.

Thanks for the clarification.