Vero comes out of suspend state on its own

I have a vero4k+ connected to my Denon AVR then the AVR connected to my Samsung TV. I leave the vero in suspend unless I am actually using it.

I am finding when I have used the TV and AVR to watch something else, (e.g. freeview box), when I turn the TV and AVR off the Vero comes out of suspend.

I use ARC between the AVR and TV so assumed it was an HDMI-CE issue, but I have disabled that on the vero and it still happens.

Any other likley culprits ?


The thread is a bit long but there is a lot of possible solutions to be found in the following thread…

Looks like the same problem that appers to be known about and in hand. Would another log be of any help or are there sufficent already ?

This is odd but might help. Since I began using ARC almost everytime I use another device other than the Vero 4k+ is my system (e.g Freeview or Sky+), when I turn the AVR and TV off the issue will occur and the Vero will some out of standby on it own.

On Wednesday I decide to try and get this logged, so I turn on loggin. The next half dozen or so time I used another device the Vero 4k+ did NOT come out of standby.

I wondered if it was have loggin on that some how accidentally blocked the problem. So on Thursady I turned off loggin, expecting the issue to occur. To my suprise after another half a dozen or so uses of the Vero and other devices the problem has still not occured.

I can only conclude that the reboot I did after turning on loggin has at least fixed the problem for now.

This might help developers find the root cause, but even not if you are having HDMI CE issues try a Vero reboot.

This shouldn’t change anything.

If the problem is intermittent it may have just not occurred yet.


VERY unlikley stastically that it would occur almost everytime before I did the this and then not occur for over a dozen times after, I suspect its the re-boot that cleared it, at least for now.