Vero not booting after 2nd December update

I installed the december update just fine this evening, smoother than ever. A good habit after updating is to check for more updates. Surprisingly there was, so tried to install this update. Vero won’t boot now, just a black screen.
I am not in the opportunity to modify my SD card. I only have a 2008 Macbook and no cardreader. What are my options?

Edit: it looks like the Vero is booting, but there just is no image on the TV. I hear the Kodi navigation sounds when using the remote. Even stranger: pushing the OK-button on the remote numerous times starts a video, WITH an image on the TV. Stopping the video and it goes back to black…

Edit 2: after pulling the cord multiple times I suddenly had video. I hope this remains a working device. I am on 2015.12-1. This update won’t win any beauty contest though.