Vero OSMC out of stock

I would like to order a Vero OSMC, unfortunately its over 2 weeks out of stock. Does anybody have an idea, when it’s available again?

Best Regards


The Vero in its current form is not coming back. Next month we plan to announce our second generation Vero device. If you sign up to the Newsletter at you will be the first to know and will also receive a discount to thank you for your patience.


Hi Sam

Very cool, do you allready have something like a feature list?

Newsletter subscribed :wink:

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Hi Sam,

great news, I am also curious to hear whats new.
Can you give us a teaser?


Hi gentlemen,

I can’t give the exact details, but we have listened hard to users about they want in a future Vero and I think we will make them quite happy. Both Vero 1 and Vero 2 users will be happy with the announcement. This may seem a little odd, but you’ll see.



exciting news, looking forward to this :smile:

If you are in the Netherland you can have mine. I do not use it anyway/

What would you recommend to folks that want to buy a RPi2 now? Wait a month?
I am selling my Cubox-i 4 Pro this wkend since no Kodi platform has proper support for it, so I was about to order a RPi2. But perhaps I should wait?

Will the new Vero cost similar to the old one?

I was about to say the same thing. :grinning:

It depends how urgently you need a new device.

The price will be lower than the previous Vero.

That’s all I’m going to say for now :smile:


My suggestion - if you need a good, stable and affordable player go for RPi2.
Why? Vero will not reach RPi level of stability for at least a year or more. And even new Vero will be twice cheaper than the old one it will be serveral times more expensive, than RPi.

@Stas on several opportunities I have offered you help with your Vero but you repeatedly ignore this request and find a thread to post about the price.

I’m not sure you can accurately speculate on the price or the stability before we’ve announced a single thing about the new device.

Once more I am happy to help you address any issue you are experiencing with the Vero 1, just start a new thread outlining your problem. I see that your posts about 3D and CEC go back to April. Vero (and OSMC) have since come a long way since then and I would suggest you give the device a revisit.



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I suspect that Stas doesnt even own a Vero.

People should have a look across his posting history, lots of complaints but not very forthcoming when people try and resolve his “issues”.

He has offered the Vero to anyone in the Netherlands for free. So call his bluff if you can.

Let us know when he renege’s and I will personally ban him.

This user does have a Vero, but I am more interested in resolving any technical issues he may have rather than debating or speculating price points with him


Then I guess we will get confirmation soon enough.

@Stas ill take it can even offer to pay for shipping fees via paypal if your interested

If you blame people you should take responsibility for your words. So - if I prove I do have one are you ready to reimburse me with 220 euro I’ve paid for it? And if you are not - keep your blames with you please.
BTW I never said I’m offering it for free - this is your words.

So are you ready to take responsibility for your words? If you pay me full amount I’ve paid for it in turn I promise to give it away for free and leave this forum for good. And I always keep my words, do you?

Not gonna reimburse you for a used Vero at full price but i am willing to work out something

Sam, I do have a lot of respect to all effort you’ve made. But with me you just have very disappointed customer. I’ve paid 220 euro for it because it was declared as a “new flagship device”. Probably you and me have different understanding what does “flagship device” means.

I’ve bought Vero to use it, not to spent hours debugging it. My aim to let my wife use it when I’m not at home, and this aim is still not reachable with Vero. But I promise you to test latest OSMC release coming weekend and let you know if the issues keeping me from using Vero are solved.

Trying to sell it for what you originally paid? That doesnt sound like someone who really believes that the product is flawed.

And perhaps English is not your strongest language, but when you say that someone can “have” something, it is a little rude to then claim you only meant that they can “buy” it for the retail price.

You have someone willing to trade (and you are welcome for that, btw). If you are serious then let toast know the REAL price you are willing to accept because demanding retail price for a 2nd hand device (that is being superseded relatively soon) is not acting in good faith.