Vero Performance Problems

I’ve already written about Vero’s disappointing WiFi throughput in this thread:

I use shared MySQL libraries hosted on a MacMini. The media files are also hanging off the Mini and shared via NFS. This has worked fine with an ATV1 running CrystalBuntu and two RPis. I didn’t start having major buffering problems until I bought the Vero.

Today my wife and I sat down to watch some videos. I turned on the TV and switched to the Vero. Unfortunately, the Vero had frozen up, again, requiring a power cycle.

Once it booted up I navigated to the video we wanted to watch; a 480p Daily Show. Navigating the video library was frustratingly slow. It seems glacial compared to my Pi B+ which also runs OSMC RC3. The video had to buffer several times when it started, but after about five minutes it played smoothly to the end.

We then started to watch a Downton Abbey episode, also 480p. The Vero froze about 30 seconds in to the video, again requiring a power cycle.

Log files are here: Vero Log Files 20150614

I must say that at this point I’m rather disappointed in the Vero.