[VERO] Put display to sleep when idle

in crystalbuntu I can activate, through Power saving menu, “Put display to sleep when idle”, very appreciated function. Do you think that is possible to implement it in VERO? thanks to all

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Yes, should work in Vero

Hello @sam_nazarko , any news about this? In other distribution with i.mx6 and GC800 GPU there is this option and work good.

Have you tried this? It should work

Hello @sam_nazarko,
in my Vero I have the latest update (august) and I can’t see any option about putting display off when idle (even if in expert mode)

Maybe I didn’t explain well, in Vero there isn’t this option, but in others OS distributions with i.mx6 and GC800 gpu there is this option.

Okay, I see what you mean now. I’ll look in to this.

If the other distro was XBian, it might be some of mk’s standby work, but I’m not sure how stable that is. I will try and catch him in IRC.

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