Vero V - better performance with Plex addon?

I use a Plex addon on my Vero 4K+, it plays everything fine, though with pausing and skipping some H265 files, it sometimes doesn’t respond or responds very late to remote commands.
Is it to be expected to work better in the Vero V? That would be enough reason for me to buy the Vero V, but would like to know before I buy one :wink:

The reason I use Plex, is so that I do not need another device for my bedroom TV and can use the native Plex app there, which works great. I want to keep the history of when I stopped a video and which ones I already watched there and on the other two rooms I use the Vero’s I have in.

Love the Vero 4K and 4K+ I have though, very neat devices!

I can’t speak for Plex but I author the Mezzmo Kodi addon which works with Mezzmo (similar to Plex).

Here’s a link with some benchmark testing with the Mezzmo Kodi addon with a Vero 4K+, Vero V and other systems. You can see the performance improvements. I’ve replaced all 3 of my Vero 4K+ units with Vero Vs and haven’t looked back. The improvements you see with Plex may be different.

One note note in the original performance benchmark was the time for a full sync of all 21k items in my library.

Here’s some approximately numbers:

Vero 4K+ - 35 mins
Vero V - 14 mins
Intel i7 NUC - 9 mins

That is impressive that the Vero V is almost as fast as an Intel i7 NUC.

I can also say that I play full 4K UHD HEVC high bitrate files from Mezzmo to my Vero Vs over wireless and have no issues with skipping, FF, RW etc. They al play smoothly, even John Wick 2 which hits over 100mbps. on certain scenes . But I didn’t have those issues with the Vero 4ks so this could be a different issue for you.



Thanks for the reply and I had already seen that. But that is a way different way of thing than video playback. I know that even that should theoretically be better, but it also might be a software issue which will not be solved by throwing faster hardware at it :wink:

I now see you edited your post with playback data. That sounds inspiring, but am hoping to hear from someone that uses the Plex add on.
If there is a good Kodi app that plays/keeps a central DB on my LG TV, that might be the solution to my issue too of course. Maybe I have been looking in the wrong place to solve my “issue”. It happens on some movies and most of the time series.

I may have been editing my post when you answered. I am not having any playback issues and things feels smoother on the Vero V. Some Plex users who have gone through the upgrades from a 4K+ to Vero V may have more insight to the specific question but I am very happy with the Vero Vs playing 4K UHD HEVC files.


The Plex add-on should playback very similar to the Plex app if you have it configured such that they are both doing the same thing. If your settings are such that the Plex server is doing additional routing or transcoding then that is going to cause delays when you time skip. If you go to your username in the top right of the Plex add-on and then click on settings you will want to make sure you are using the following…
video - quality settings to original and all other options enabled other than AV1 (that should only be enabled on a Vero V).
network - allow insecure connections: set this to on same network.

Thanks for the info, everything except insecure connections was already like it should. Will see if this changes things.