Vero V first time setup

Hi everyone, I just received a Vero V and followed the quick start guide. I didn’t get any setup instructions when I powered up the Vero, just the sad face. I paired the remote but the only button that works is the HOME button.

When I press the home button it takes me to a black screen with a login prompt. I don’t see any way to actually log in with the remote. What am I missing?

Was this after you have chosen a local language?

So if you unplug and replug power now you directly get a black screen and no Menu with blue background?

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I never got choose any language. I didn’t get any menu, just the sad face and that was it. Once I paired the remote, I pressed the home button and it goes to a black screen with a login prompt. If I unplug it, it will just go back to the sad face when I power it back up.

That is really unfortunate and unexpected. Guess only a reinstall can help from here.

How large does the flash drive have to be for the installation?

2GB should be good enough (I think even less might work)

More than enough.

I downloaded the installation files onto a flash drive and plugged it in. I then plugged in power. The blue light turns on and I get an AMLOGIC S905X4 splash screen for a couple of seconds. Then I get a black command prompt screen for a split second. It’s too fast to see what it’s running. Then I get the blue sad face screen. The blue light on the box is off. So what’s plan B?

Can you please show a screenshot of the flash drive so we can check you imaged it properly? It sounds like the installer is not running at all.

Here it is

Looks good. You could also try with an SD card.
Alternatively there is another way to force a reinstall, but let’s try that first.

Try both USB ports. Does your USB stick have a light on it to show when it’s being read?

I’d have to pick up an SD card to try it that way. I tried both usb ports and got the same results

Can you:

  1. Show me a video of the problem you are experiencing?
  2. Confirm order number and date on warranty card

Many thanks


My order # is 58399 The date on the warranty card is Jan 2* 2024. The second digit didn’t completely transfer to the warranty card.

I’ve got a video but how do you upload it?

Dropbox or Google Drive would be good, if this isn’t possible I can provide a link to upload.

Lets try this:

Is the video viewable?

Hi - I can’t seem to access with (it prompts me to login to Google) but then nothing happens. Can you try Dropbox or Google Drive directly? Alternatively I can provide an upload link.

I’ll be a bit slow to reply here over the next couple of days


If you could provide a link, I’ll try to upload it.

Thanks for your patience. It’s busy here.
I have sent you an upload link via a private message.

Please let me know here when it’s uploaded