Vero V hangs playing UHD rips

Vero V freezes playing UHD rips (any of them). Starts playing fine and then at some point the video freezes and the audio goes into a short loop.
The device no longer communicates with the remote or the network (does not answer an arping) requiring a power on reboot.
On my nfs server I see:
[195346.110827] rpc-srv/tcp: nfsd: sent 1020908 when sending 1048680 bytes - shutting down socket
Logs are at:


Can you try playing from a local storage?

Do you experience this with other streams?
Is this only unique to UHD files or does it occur with say 1080p content too?

Is this a new issue or did it occur from the beginning with Vero?


Hi Sam,

So far I have only seen the issue with UHD rips, and it is consistent - it will happen, just exactly when is unknown.
It’s a new issue although I was previously able to watch a UHD rip with no issues with my Vero 4k+. Besides using a different device (4k+ vs V) the other change is that the Ver0 4k+ was connected to an Oppo 105 and the Vero V is connected to a Sony HT-A7000.
I will do some more testing. Anything of note in the logs?

Thank you,

Long time but finally getting back to this issue, as I’ve set aside some time to try and track the problem down.
Basically my Vero V cannot succesfully play any of my UHD rips. At some point in the playback everything will freeze, the audio may sound a very short loop. The Vero V is unresponsive, remote buttons do nothing, one cannot be SSH into it and it does not answer a ping.
If I enable logging (and I’ve done so several times now) the logs show nothing. However my nfs server always logs something like:
rpc-srv/tcp: nfsd: sent 32876 when sending 1048680 bytes - shutting down socket
The actual sent number will change but the error logged is always essentially the same.
I’ve also noticed that when I’m shelled into the Vero V there will be short pauses where the unit is unresponsive and then a few moments later it is resposive again.
What I can gather from the server logs is that the Vero V simply stops acceptiong data and that’s why the socket gets shutdown.
To help determine where the problem lies I connected my old Vero 4k+ the exact same way, to the same WiFi ssid and the same hdmi cable. The old Vero 4k+ can play the UHD rips all day long with nary a burp,
Note that I’ve also tried foricng the Vero V to both 2.5GHz and 5GHhz and it fails on both.


Hi Chris,

I’ll get back to you about this tomorrow.