Vero V hangs playing UHD rips

Then it must be something other than raw data transfer.
You might need to get a raw UHD rip to re-create the failure environment.

Constant stuttering, totally unusable.

You must have a lot more storage in your Vero V to transfer 120GB via dd. Only 26GB of free space in mine. :slight_smile:

I do not have access to Vero now until tomorrow.

About dd and and data amount. As I wrote earlier, when I try to test the download speed via the addon, nothing freezes and also when I tried iperf, the Vero does not freeze. Only when I play a movie. Typically it happens quickly after starting the movie or when I skip time.

/dev/null is really, really, big.

Do you have band steering turned on by chance? If so, does turning it off make a difference.

I am just sending it to /dev/null so it is never written to storage. If I sent it to eMMC it wouldn’t be fair as it would saturate the SDIO bus in two directions

Any chance of the log as requested above?

Well to exclude the raw network interface/driver as a source I would recommend to run iperf3 with 6 parallel streams for 10 minutes. That should give a good insight if the wifi structure is stable and if we need to look at other areas.

Important to use several parallel streams as otherwise a modern wifi interface isn’t fully used.

Band steering is not on.

I’ve tested with iperf and found no issues. Just to re-iterate - the freezing issue does not occur with the Vero 4k+ (either of the 2 I have), which combined with other facts, such as the Vero V fails with 3 different access points tends to really point the finger at the Vero V.

With multiple parallel streams and longer time.

Not objecting that but to figure out if it is the wifi part or the video part that makes problems

Seems just transferring data does not trigger it as both @sam_nazarko and @CistiC have reported.

Fresh frozen logs (the test kernel.deb):

Via “journalctl -o short-full…”:

Via "grab-logs -A:

OK, here’s 20 min of 6 parallel iperf streams:

Also let’s not forget the other symptom that this unit exhibits - when I’m shelled in it will sporadically pause in responding to keyboard input. Neither of the Vero 4k+'s do that.

To me it looks like the overall speed, Mbits/sec is fine, but at times there’s a high number of retries. Maybe why the unit seems to be sporadically unresponsive when shelled in.

Will have a read through this and give you an update shortly


More iperf results (server logs once again):

20 min single stream:

20 min two streams:

20 min four streams:

Making any headway on this?

Still struggling to reproduce the problem here. That’s my first step.

Hi, I am just experiencing a similar issue on my Vero V. But I am connected via LAN (gbit), not wifi.
I will test a bit further, but I am watching a 4k web rip and Vero froze like 5 times now in the 40 minutes I watched so far.
It happens randomly, not on the same time stamp. Image freezes, no audio output and Vero is dead, cant reach it via network or keyboard any longer. Also looked in the kodi.old.log, but no entries there :frowning:

Didnt have issues with any material so far, started today. I an running newest version already.
Will test some more episodes and today or tomorrow also other files and report.

All users here are only experiencing this problem with WiFi, not Ethernet, so I don’t believe the issue is related.