Vero V missing keypresses & pairing other osmc remote

Thank you for your patience.

Ever since we received the first report of less than desirable OSMC remote behaviour, we worked hard on identifying the cause with the intention of resolving the problem as promptly as possible. Unfortunately this takes time and involves testing in a lot of environments. If things were easier, we wouldn’t have had some customers experiencing problems.

Primarily, customers have been affected by USB3 and its implementation which interferes with the 2.4Ghz spectrum.

The issue has only affected a small number of customers, but even one is enough and we like to put things right.

Today we are happy to announce that all users that have posted here will have received a personal message offering them to order a replacement USB receiver free of charge.

They will also receive a message offering them an opportunity for a discounted price on a second Vero device as a thank you to their loyalty.

Furthermore, we have published a guide on how to improve remote performance. This advice should be followed as a first step for those using USB3 equipment or those with other wireless equipment nearby. See Improving remote performance - Vero V - OSMC

Once again thank you for your patience and support




Chalk me up another of the same on my VeroV. I didn’t think too much about it, but my perception of the issue is more that it misses repeating key presses (just stops responding), and I feel like I have to switch to a different key to get a response. This may just be a coincidence…
Mine is not on WiFi and I have no USB3 devices on it.

Hadn’t posted before but same issue for me, Sam. Ta.

Thanks Sam for all the work and for the upcoming message. Cheers!


Same problem here but it’s very intermittent, some days hardly misses any keys, other days hardly works at all. Using kore app as a workaround

Hi, just checking - should I have received a message, or is it still to come?

Everyone that posted here before my message mid-day on 11th February will have received a private message with instructions.


Hi, I posted on 20th Jan but haven’t received one.

Hey Sam & company!

I purchased 2 VeroVs back in September (#43536) but just recently started doing research on the “missing click” issue. I’m happy to purchase 2 replacement/upgraded dongles, if possible? Thanks for everything, so far!

I have the same problem with the remote, so if i order a new remote is there the new usb dongle included ?


Will send you a PM shortly (within next 2 mins or so)

Can you clarify if you are using the device with Vero V?



No message for me as well. Thanks.

I own a Vero V from a reseller in Germany. The remote have missing keypresses when a external SSD is attached in the usb3 port. If the remote in your shop have the new dongle included i will order it. Sorry if my english is not good, i’m from Austria…

@pinn73 @Cowan @cygaro

All messaged

I will close this thread shortly after customers confirm improvement.
Everyone that has posted here has now been contacted and all new orders come with refreshed dongles.

I will happily supply you with a new remote receiver as per PM but you should push WElectron as we have offered them a number of dongles. This is concerning.

I initially planned to have an order link to provide a new dongle publicly, but it was abused. Someone said they would order an extra dongle but they have a habit of losing them, then ordered 80. This isn’t fair and deprives actual customers that need a new dongle of a replacement. As the number of customers affected is small I am able to review things on a case by case basis and replace what has been supplied with a new one.

All new orders come with refreshed dongles since the end of January (31/01/24).



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Hi - I haven’t posted before but I have this issue and have been monitoring the thread. I have just been using the remote from my 4k because the one that came with the V misses keypresses. I am happy to pay for a new dongle.

No charge – just get in touch with your order number

Thank you Sam - I cannot work out how to send you a PM - my order number was 54134

If I have got your order correctly this was to Victoria, AU.
You have the latest, improved USB receiver.

Can’t discuss any further personally identifiable information here – but you can email