Vero V - purchasing questions, HDR formats


I’m currently running HTPC and Samsung Q70R (which supports HDR10, HDR10+ and HLG) and Kodi 20.3. Kodi on Windows doesn’t support HDR10+ or HLG - it just outputs them as HDR10 - it does it pretty well though, no issues whatsoever.

As I want to use full capabilities of my display (HLG and HDR10+) I’m looking into Vero V.

  1. I know OSMC doesn’t support DV. Does Vero V support HDR10, HDR10+ and HLG? By supporting I mean actually playing them and e.g. in HDR10+ case passing dynamic metadata to the display and not outputting it as just HDR10.

  2. Does Vero V get supported HDR modes from TV EDID or there is a setting for that? e.g. if my display is HDR10+ and HLG capable are there 2 toggles for that in the settings?

  3. When .mkv contains HDR10 and HDR10+ format, which format will be played by Vero V?

  4. When .mkv contains HDR10, HDR10+ and DV (very common nowadays) which HDR format would Vero V actually play?

  5. When .mkv contains HDR10 and DV (again very common nowadays) would Vero V play HDR10 like Kodi 20.3 does on Windows?

The last 3 questions are very specific but I don’t want any surprises and return Vero V if it doesn’t meet my needs.


Vero V supports HDR10, HDR10+ and HLG. HDR10+ metadata is passed to the display.

Vero V recognises HDR modes from the EDID and delivers the best format the display supports.

Vero V will play HDR10+. Note that HDR10+ is just HDR10 with some extra dynamic metadata. You can’t have HDR10+ without a base layer of HDR10. They are not really separate formats.

I’m pretty sure HDR10+ if your display doesn’t support DV. I can’t test this since my TV does do DV and I don’t have any titles in that format. Maybe someone with a Samsung can confirm.

Yes, if there’s a HDR10 base layer, that is, DV Profile 7 as found on Blu-Rays and Profile 8.1 which Blu-Ray rips are often converted to. Similarly if there’s a HLG base layer (Profile 8.4).

Hope this helps.

HDR10+ will be used (provided the display supports it)

Thank you both for answers.

In terms of speed, how fast is Vero V? Please note I’m used to Kodi running in 4K including UI (Aeon Nox: SiLVO) on Windows 11 (Ryzen 5600x, Geforce 3080) with drives / media storage attached directly to it. In very short - everything is extremely fast.

The plan is to use SMB shares on Windows 11 and set them up on Vero V. Alternatively, FTP is also an option as from what I recall it’s faster than SMB. One day I will set up a proper NAS.

Most of my content is now 4K .mkv 10GB-30GB large files. WiFi 6 is running here.

So how fast is Kodi UI in Vero V when running a skin like Aeon Nox: SiLVO?
Also, how fast is skipping / fast forwarding 4K .mkv files with high bitrate / approx 30GB large?

Definitely won’t be a problem, even over 5Ghz WiFi. Wired is preferred if you can run it, but not a necessity.

From the top of my head Aeon Nox is a pretty intense skin. Running it at 4K will also use more resources, which is why we keep the default at 1080p for now.

We also keep it at 1080p because there are some problems if you use whitelisting for video with 4K modes. But if you don’t use this feature it should be OK.

It would be hard to advise whether it’s going to be performant enough for you. I know of one user @Frido running it on his device and he said it was running great:

Maybe some others could test or advise you further

fast and smooth here with V and 4kplus

Thanks for confirming, appreciated



And finally:

  1. I plan to put Vero V behind the wall mounted TV (possibly use adhesive strips to attach in to the back of the TV) - can you, please, confirm that line of sight is not needed for the remote to work due to build in RF receiver?

  2. How would I move my existing Kodi db to Vero V box? Is there a build-in SFTP in the OSMC?

The included remote does not need to be line of sight but may get reduced range depending on obstructions. There will be an updated receiver available very soon that one could hang off a USB extension to a better location worst case scenario. It can also be controlled over CEC with your TV’s remote.

You have full access to the underlying operating system so you pretty much use whatever method you want. Most people I think tend to use SMB if they are doing it via a network. Samba and FTP servers can be installed from within the My OSMC add-on. Probably the easiest would be to just use a thumb drive or other USB storage and the Backup add-on in Kodi’s repository.

Just finished reading " Vero V missing keypresses" thread. Vero V will go behind the TV. I will be approx 2.5 -3 away.

How many users are affected by the missing keypresses issue ?

If I order Vero V directly from store am I going to get the updated receiver included ?

The joys (and perils) of having an open forum is that sometimes users can read an issue and assume it’s much more widespread than it is.

From emails and that forum post, about 20. Obviously we’ve shipped a lot more than 20 devices…

The main issue that we had to mitigate was USB3 interference. If you don’t plan to attach a USB3 device I wouldn’t worry about it.

Alrighty. Ordered today, hope all goes well.

Will get this out for you today



And, I hope, my final 2 questions:

  1. does OSMC display HDR10+ logos if the file and my display supports it? I think I read that Kodi 21 does something like that for DV files (new feature).

  2. Do I need to mark Atmos files by adding [atmos] to the actual file name for the skin to pick it up and display Atmos logo?


Not currently. But your TV should show the logo.

I don’t think so at all.

@Chillbo will know for sure.

You’re CR7, I’m CR8, so you should get your order promptly.

Unless there was an update just recently that I am unaware of you need to put “.atmos” or “.dtsx” at the end of your file name.

The Matrix (1999).atmos.mkv
The Bourne Identity (2002).dtsx.mkv

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If you’re using the OSMC Skin, this is still true as Kodi doesn’t report anything else than the base codec to skins (it won’t change with Kodi v21 as the ffmpeg version needed for this won’t be shipped by Kodi yet):

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Thanks for confirming:

Atmos needs to be in the name, but doesn’t need to be at the end. Can be anywhere in the name.
I can also confirm that the Vero V is a lot more smooth with heavy skins than the Vero 4k.