Vero V soft launch

Just ordered from

Got it!
Shipped by Royal Mail Saturday 09 September 2023, received by Italian Post Monday 18 September 2023.
Royal Mail tracking is much more reliable than Italian Post.
Paid 5 euros for customs fees.
Packaging very well done, thanks Sam!

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We are back in stock and resellers are starting to get stock now. I have updated the original post with a list of resellers and will update this as they grow.


Ordered mine, as the Vero 4+ had blown up just yesterday

Do you know when US reseller will get stock? It shows OOS at the moment.

They received them Thursday. Will give them a ping and update you.

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Sorry if this has been addressed. Possible to pay via Zelle to avoid wire fee? If so, can you provide phone # or email to send to? Thanks.

Never mind, just ordered via

That’s all provided when you place your order.

No problem.

Will price still be £149.00 during hard launch and is shipping to US free?

Shipping will be free, price will likely rise due to additional costs.

Any Idea when WElectron will have some stock? They only list the Vero 4k+ in their shop, marked as sold out. I asked via E-Mail and they told me, that they cannot supply a reliable delivery date… :frowning:

We will send them some units on Monday.
So I would say end of next week is realistic.

Thanks :smiley:

Heh, hdmkv orders one from pishop ~ 20 hours ago. I log into pishop, create account and voila…they are out of stock…sigh.


If you would be so kind, what was the shipping from pishop for the vero v?


They wanted $12.19 to ship it to me in AZ.


That’s USPS Priority Mail.
They have other more expensive shipping options as well.

  • USPS Priority Mail

  • FedEx Ground

  • FedEx Express Saver

  • FedEx 2Day


Thank you for that very detailed information. Most Appreciated!

Enjoy the Vero V, looks like OSMC knocked it out of the park…again. :smile:

I’ll log in there shortly and see what it is to my location.

Thanks again,


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Buy quickly – resellers seem to be opening the big boxes and sending them straight off. I can’t do a proper launch yet until things calm down. Everytime I refresh the page, there are more orders that have come in…