Vero V with a Fantec USB disk device

I have 4 disk array device from Fantec (QB-35U31). It mounts the 4 disks on a PC or LG television
via USB and you see them as 4 independant disk drives with a single USB connection cable. Is this supported on the Vero V ?
I have for instance a Sony bluray 4K player where this does not work.
. I am very interested in the Vero V as I see a lot of the excellent reviews Therefore, before I buy, I would like some confirmation that the above would work. I try to replace the built-in player in the TV as it is sometimes a bit buggy for .mkv coming from certain sources.

QB-35U31 product page

In general, without knowing the USB standard of the of your Sony, I would guess it will work on the VeroV, using the USB3 port. What I’m unsure about is if the sub gen. of USB3 can visibly effect anything other then bandwidth, since there is no additional drivers needed for the device. @sam_nazarko has a generous 14 day open-sell.

People with more knowledge about USB3 sub gen. and if there is there might be kernel drivers needed, are welcome to chime in.

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If it is working with WebOS I wouldn’t imagine it should have an issue working with OSMC. Multiple connected drives are supported. You wouldn’t be the first to use a DAS with a Vero…


If it shows up on your PC without any special drivers it should be fine on Vero

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In the picture on their website it looks like it only comes with a USB-3 cable with USB-C plugs on both ends.
The ports on the Vero are USB-A.
So you may need to get a USB-3 cable with one end as a type A and the other end as a type C.

Like this: