Vero4K+, after idle, blank screen and no response (have to reboot via ssh or power cord)

To be clear, this is after I have been using it for a while. I go away, and if I come back, the screen is blank and I cannot interact with the box via remote at all.

How do I begin to troubleshoot this? Thanks much!

Does this only happen after your TV has been turned off and on?

I believe that’s correct.

Try enable HPD Lock under Settings and reboot.

Will do, thanks Sam!

Unfortunately I just checked the setting and it was already toggled on.

Anything else you might be able to think of for me to check? Are there logs or is there debugging I can do on my end?

Check the CEC settings system>input>CEC adapter and make sure there is no setting enabled to power of the device when display is powered off.

Do you have SSH access to the system?
Also does the LED stays blue when the display is blank?

Indeed - it is worth checking if your TV is turning off the device via CEC.

I’ve noticed on mine that I need to press the “stop” button after an extended downtime to bring the screen back (I use a universal infra-red remote, not sure if the out-of-box vero remote has a stop button). Only the “stop” button has any affect, none of the other buttons have any effect. I’ve always assumed it was the screen saver. (I think I’ve got it set to the “black screen” saver)

So, if you’ve got a stop button, try that.

I disabled the CEC. No button on the remote seems to have an effect unfortunately.

I have SSH access and I’m not sure I’ve seen a blue LED?


If you are using your TV remote, you will need cec enabled. ActionA meant check settings relating to the display being switched off, so I would check the following cec settings are set to:

Put devices in standby when activating the screensaver - disabled
When the TV is switched off - Ignore
Devices to also put in standby mode - disabled.

And renable cec.

Thanks Tom.

Apologies for explaining poorly. I’m not using CEC, I’m using a harmony remote. I can still utilize it after disabling CEC, but pressing buttons did not have an impact on the blank screen.


I think we going need some logs before we can investigate further. If you happy to have the debug overlay visible while you wait for this issue to reproduce its self, you can follow these instructions:

Or if you prefer you can make the debug logs overlay invisible by adding:


to advancedsettings.xml.

Thanks Tom.

Thank you Tom and sorry for the delay.


Does issue still occur if you disable the Unsplash Photo Screensaver addon?

Thanks Tom.

Hi Tom

I disabled and uninstalled unsplash and rebooted. Behavior persists unfortunately.

Please provide a fresh log, with unsplash uninstalled.

Thanks Tom.

Hi Tom,

Here is the log

Can you confirm if you have tried it with HPD lock disabled?

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